A Visit to the Dentist

Inti magazine recently had the opportunity carry out an activity with the children who had problems with their teeth. This was possible thanks to our head of marketing Silvia V. Argani (dentist by profession) who treated the children's teeth and allowed us to pay only for the cost of the material. We organised this activity because we recognised that the children need to have their teeth checked regularly as they are very susceptible to decay and they don't always have the chance to go to the dentist because they don't have a lot of time as they spend most of it working. Also they don't have a lot of money to have their precious teeth checked.

Furthermore, they don't have a lot of information available to them about having a healthy diet or brushing their teeth daily and this would help them to avoid problems appearing in their mouths. It is also vital that dentistry treatment is administered early to avoid serious complications, seeing as the teeth, unlike the majority of other organs, aren't capable of renewing themselves. Some of the children who attended the dentist were very brave because their teeth were already very damaged and they had to be very patient during the treatment of these.


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