Field trip with the Inti Children

Many of the children who sell the Inti magazine got a treat when they were taken to a town near Sucre called Yotala where we went to the house of Don Nicholas, a place where they enjoyed many fun activities. From the moment we found the children waiting in the square in Sucre, they were very excited for the trip and especially to get to the pool. On the way, inside the bus they sang many songs and played several games.

When the group arriced there, it was very beautifull, with lots of trees, swimming pools and volleyball and soccer courts. Immediatly the children started walking all over the place and some played soccer with Randall who made many of the children laugh. Others went to the courts, and the girls went to change into their bathing suits for the pool. They ate a snack, then swam in the pool before lunch, although the water was cold, it was very interesting to them there, because you could see in their faces and incredible joy. They were laughing and playing. One thing that was interesting was that the older children took care of the smaller children because some could swim very well. It was incredibly fun.

Leaving the pool the kids were all very hungry, so we prepared a lunch with chicken, rice, and salad; it was very delicious. The children finished their lunch and returned to the pool and played with a ball other typical water games. The best part was that it looked like one big family, including the volenteers who went to help watch the kids. It was a day of relaxation and fun for the kids, so the kids had a memorable trip. Upon returning to Sucre all of the kids were very tired and some even fell asleep on the bus. It was a very succesfull excursion. We are looking forward to the next trip with the Inti kids



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