A little about my life

My family history is long, but I will tell you about some moments, both sad and happy, which stand out for me. There are twelve characters in the story, six male, four female and my parents. The most admirable character is without a doubt my mother, for bringing into the world eleven human beings and being very brave on so many occasions. I love her very much and I´m thankful for having had her always by mine and my sibling´s side. The truth is, life has been difficult for my whole family. We had to earn a living from an early age, and in our lifetimes we have witnessed two accidents which nearly claimed two of my sisters lives.

I will start off by saying that my mothers first three child-births were normal, but the fourth brought twins. We were both born normal and strong, but unfortunately, within our first few months Johnny, my twin, died. He got sick during the winter, and my parents did everything within their reach to save him. I would have liked to grow up with my brother and share moments with our family. He is still alive in our hearts. After such a sad time, my mother gave birth to Nelson, who was born normally, with no problems.

Two years later, we found out she was pregnant with Maria, but during this pregnancy she started having sharp pains, and before we could take her to the hospital she went into labour at home. My father had to take them both to stay at the hospital, where my sister had to stay in an incubator as she was very weak from the experience. We stayed with my aunt, as we were all very young, my oldest brother being only ten years old. My father became more and more worried. He wouldn´t tell us what was wrong so that we wouldn´t worry, and only told us they would soon be out of the hospital and that when that happened, we would al be able to go home. We were very innocent, and we believed him. The truth is we really missed our mother….to be continued….

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