Carnival in Bolivia

Carnival in Bolivia is known worldwide, especially in Oruro, which is recognised by UNESCO. Carnival lasts approximately one week, a tradition passed along from our ancestors, who gave offerings to ´Pachamama´ (Mother Earth) and to ´Tio Supay´ (the Devil). The big parade in Oruro is considered to be cultural, traditional, artistic and folkloric human heritage, as is its Devil´s dance and music, which is joyous and outstanding. Each department in Bolivia has different ways of celebrating Carnival. Each city elects a Queen of Carnival, who delight the people with her beauty, charm, and innovative and exuberant costume. There are dance groups of children, young people and adults who dance throughout different sectors of the city accompanied by drums, trumpets and cymbals.








Carnival in Bolivia

Families get together to enjoy a delicious barbeque, traditional for this time of year. Additionally, each city hosts an parade of innumerable dance groups through their main squares. The most respected authorities of the cities are among the spectators. In rural areas, people perform the ´Pucara´ where all celebrate in style and the famous ´Pandillas´ are in charge of livening things up so they dance with great joy and enthusiasm.

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