Medicinal Plants- Plants for the Prevention of Colon Cancer

This article appeared in Inti Magazine

We already know that colon cancer can be in part genetically predisposed; however, there are other factors which increase the risk of this kind of cancer.

It could happen to any of us, if we are not careful and take the necessary precautions. In chronic stages, it is likely the patient will need surgery, and the cancer could be fatal. To prevent this illness, we have at our disposition a variety of plants, offered to us by Mother Nature. One of these is wheat, the grain of which, when refined into bran, posesses qualities which act directly toward eliminating toxins. When these make contact with the intestinal walls they act as protection against malign cells. Another helpful plant is the oat (oat bran), which acts in the same way as wheat. Carrots and artichokes contain a substance called allicin which cleans the body and has the function of eliminating all useless substances, as well as malign cells which might be generating in the intestines. Other recomendations are chia seeds and flaxseed, garlic and onion, broccoli and green tea. 

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