Giving books….Giving Smiles

Many foreigners travelling through Bolivia stop in the city of Sucre. They may spend a week here, 2 weeks, or in some cases months. They stay to learn language and culture, and in doing so many decide to help the needs of the the local community by volunteering their time on a specific project.

Abu Jaliwala from Singapore was one such volunteer, who spent time with the Inti children, selling the Inti magazine in the main plaza.

Abu decided to give each Inti child a children’s book, according to the qualities he had observed in them, during the bond of friendship that had developed.

The children not only loved and appreciated their gift, but also the great thought that had gone into each one. It was very special for the Inti children. Thank you Abu. We appreciate you help, your friendship and your thoughtfulness.



Voluntarios extranjeros que se aventuran a Bolivia por el turismo, no dejan de lado el compromiso de solidaridad con los más necesitados como ser.

El caso de Abu Jaliwala de Singapur, quien con su corazón gentil colaboró a las niñas y niños trabajadores de la plaza 25 de mayo mediante la venta de la revista Inti.

Así mismo decidió obsequiar un libro infantil a cada niña y niño Inti según las cualidades que observó durante el lazo de amistad que desarrollaron. Gracias Abu.