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Inti is a magazine sold in the Bolivian city of Sucre by working children aged 7 to 14 years to supplement their family income, provide a means to stop working on the streets and to help them remain in school.


The children themselves contribute to the writing and illustrations for the magazine, activities that encourage learning and self-expression, and are critical to raising their self-esteem.          


Donors and volunteers help us to provide critical support to working children and their families.    





























All donations, large and small, will help us to publish Inti Magazine and support the working children of Sucre with:      

  • Financial support from the sale of Inti Magazine
  • Supporting recreational activities for the children   
  • Providing medical and nutritional support to the children and their families 


Make a DONATION today through PAYPAL. (Donations are managed by Brigitt Brönnimann so her name is displayed on your confirmation email and credit card.)






Volunteers play a vital role at Inti by supporting the children as they sell the magazine around the centre of Sucre. Many tourists speak only a little Spanish and the children speak very little English, so accompanying the children and introducing them and Inti Magazine to travellers is an important function of volunteering.


The children get a lot out of spending time with volunteers, their curiosity is boundless and this interaction is an important component of volunteering. Similarly, volunteers get a lot out of spending time with the children, something that is personally rewarding and provides a unique insight into the Bolivia that most tourists never see. 





Interested in Volunteering? 

If you are planning on visiting Sucre or are already here and would like to volunteer please contact:


Quieres hacer trabajo voluntario?

Si vas a visitar Sucre, o si ya estás aquí y quisieras hacer trabajo voluntario, contáctate con nosotros:

Si hablas español, contáctate Juana con


We are always looking for opportunities to partner with like-minded groups and individuals, whether domestic or international organisations, to expand our work. We already have some partnership agreements that, while not providing direct financial support, provide other opportunities for the Inti children.



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