Money well spent

How does Inti help Working Children and their families? Here's what some of the Inti kids have to say.

Liseth Yucra Macias: 8 years old

I am eight years old and I sell the Inti magazines in the Plaza. I am in school and I passed third grade. I like to sell the magazine because it helps me buy my school supplies and eat in the market. I sell to everyone, just as much to Bolivians as to tourist. I would like to ask them to continue buying the magazine because it has really interesting content.





Jose Luiz Gonzales Mamani: 12 years old

I sell the Inti magazine to earn money to buy food, school supplies, clothes and also to give to my mom. I go to the school ´Emilio Mosman´. I learned to sell the magazine when my friends told me we should go to the plaza. I sell the magazine successfully and I hope that everyone will continue buying the magazine, because it contains our drawings and describes the country and our customs.







Ariel Vilca Puma: 10 years old

I learned to sell the Inti magazine when my friend introduced me and told them i´m a good salesperson. Both tourist and Bolivians buy the magazine from me. The money I earn helps me a lot because I can pay for clothes, my school supplies, and my food. I like my school a lot. I would like to tell our readers not to forget about us and to always buy the magazines from us because they are very interesting.





Rene Condori Rios: 11 years old

I like to sell Inti because it is interesting to talk to the tourist and they buy the magazine from me. I´m also learning English bity by bit. Various other working children who sell the magazine are also my classmates in school. The money I earn lets me buy my food, my school supplies, and also to buy food to bring to my house for younger siblings.







Simeon Hinojosa: 13 years old

I am the oldest of 6 children. I sell the magazine and shine shoes. I save the money I earn to buy supplies when school starts and I only spend a little. Saterdays and Sundays when I work all day I eat lunch at the cental market. The days that I don´t earn much I get peanut soup for 2 bolivianos or ´saice´ for 3. The days that I earn a lot I order a full meal, which cost 10 bolivianos. When I grow up I want to be an architect so I can make buildings, and I want to be a lawyer because they make a lot of money.




Sacarias Canchari: 8 years old

I sell Inti in the main square. Tourist buy more from me and I earn a lot. I give the money to my mum and also buy trainers, food and chicken. I like playing football. I am in third grade at school. I like drawing and being in the magazine.






Santusa Hinojosa Ugarte: 12 years old

I live with my parents and since we dont have a lot of economic resourses, I´m selling the magazine. I like to sell Inti in the plaza because there a lot of people. I sell more to tourist than to local people. With the money I earn I buy myself sandals and blouses and also buy sweets during the recess at school. 






Richar Hinojosa Ugarte: 8 years old

I live with my parents and we are 7 siblings. I decided to sell the magazine becuase my siblings were selling it successfully. I hope to have money to buy sweets during school recess. I give the money to my mom and she gives me money for recess and buys me everything I need for school such as clothes, shoes and pants.






Armando Chojllu Quilla: 13 years old

I live with my parents. I like to sell the magazine more than shining shoes because I get to know the tourists and they teach me some English. With the money I earn I buy food, clothes, school supplies and sweets during recess. I help my parents buying food and other things for our house and i give some to my little sisters for their recess money. I would like to say thanks you to everybody who buys Inti and encourage them to continue buying it, because it helps us out a lot!





Rene Condori Rios: 13 years old

With the money i earn, I buy everything I need for school, including sweets during recess. I give half of the money to my mom so that she can buy food. I like to sell the magazine because I earn more money than when I shine shoes. I sell more to foreigners than to locals and I enjoy practicing a little bit of English with them. People from here don´t buy the magazine very often and I would like tell them to buy it because there are interesting acrticles both in Spanish and English.




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