Ready for Vacation

The winter holidays commence in Sucre on the 6th of July. During this time some children will travel to the communities out of the city where they come from. Others will remain in the city and will be selling the latest edition of the Inti Magazine. We all hope everyone has an opportunity to rest and enjoy some fun times during the holiday period.

The Inti kids will be out selling the magazine in the main plaza in Sucre over the holiday time. They would love to chat with you! Come and say hello.



El 6 de julio se inician las vacaciones de invierno y con ello se vienen los viajes hacia las comunidades donde pertenecemos, sin embargo otros nos dedicaremos a vender la revista y descansar, deseamos como niños y niñas Inti compartir con cada uno de ustedes en la plaza “25 de mayo” de Sucre la venta de la revista, les esperamos.

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