El sábado 19 de abril los niños Inti se dieron cita en el Mirador de la recoleta donde les esperaba una gran sorpresa en homenaje al día del niño.

La directora y otros voluntarios organizaron una gran fiesta con payasos y títeres, esto para alegrar a los niños y niñas que venden la revista Inti en la Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Los pequeños también se divirtieron recogiendo muchas frutas que habían en los huertos del Mirador

Los payasos festejaron a los niños y niñas con muchos chistes que alegraron la tarde, también presentaron malabarismo, también les regalaron juguetes hechos con globos.

Fue una tarde de mucha diversión, felicidades a nuestros niños y niñas

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A little about my life: Fabi

This article appeared in Inti

By: Fabi

Hello, my name is Fabi, I am 14 years old and I have seven siblings. I go to school in the mornings, and in the afternoons I look after my younger brothers and sisters. My mother works as a street sweeper, she leaves the house every day at 2 in the morning so that when the sun comes up the city streets are clean. I lived with my grandmother from a young age. My father abandoned me and my four siblings and that's why my anties decided that I should live with my granny, and my siblings should live at home or with my aunts as my mother couldn't take care of all of us.

It is sad for me not knowing anything about my father; since the day he left us no one knows if he's dead or alive. The time I lived with my grannny was difficult, as she wouldn't let me play, she would always call me in  and say that playing was for lazy people who have nothing better to do. I would look at my cousins with their parents on their birthdays or at Christmas time, and they would get presents, and no one gave me anything. My granny would make an effort to buy me something, but as she didn't work she didn't have money. 

Its been a year now since I've been living back with my mum and her husband. I have younger siblings, and yes, its a bit difficult sharing with them sometimes, but at least I'm back with my mother and that is a very beautiful thing. I want to carry on studying so I can be someone in life, and I only ask God to give me the gift of my father still being alive, so I can meet him someday. 

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Back Cover of Inti

The back cover of Inti features the children having fun with a volunteer 

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Medicinal Plants- Plants for the Prevention of Colon Cancer

This article appeared in Inti Magazine

We already know that colon cancer can be in part genetically predisposed; however, there are other factors which increase the risk of this kind of cancer.

It could happen to any of us, if we are not careful and take the necessary precautions. In chronic stages, it is likely the patient will need surgery, and the cancer could be fatal. To prevent this illness, we have at our disposition a variety of plants, offered to us by Mother Nature. One of these is wheat, the grain of which, when refined into bran, posesses qualities which act directly toward eliminating toxins. When these make contact with the intestinal walls they act as protection against malign cells. Another helpful plant is the oat (oat bran), which acts in the same way as wheat. Carrots and artichokes contain a substance called allicin which cleans the body and has the function of eliminating all useless substances, as well as malign cells which might be generating in the intestines. Other recomendations are chia seeds and flaxseed, garlic and onion, broccoli and green tea. 

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Inti Excursion

Photos appeared in Inti

Thank you to our kind donors, the children had a great time on their excursion!

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