Brenda had a baby story

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brenda had a baby story

BRENDAS GOT A BABY by Vincent Morris

Brenda was thirteen years old and having a baby. She was jobless, just beginning her education, and no one in her house had a man. After her child’s birth, her frustrated mother tosses her out onto the cold and unfeeling streets. Along the way Brenda is met with opposition by unfeeling drug dealers, pedophiles, perverted teachers, crime, poverty, and a system that doesn’t care about her.

As she continues on in her journey she meets a series of people that teach her to care about herself and improve her child’s well - being. Although the journey is filled with pitfalls, Brenda is transformed from a little girl into a strong sista whose future is limitless.

The author is quoted as saying, “No one in literature cares about the black girl in the hood, nor do they write about them with any degree of love or understanding, and that includes black authors. This novel gives you all the love, insight, and understanding that is missing. Real talk.”
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Cool story pals. - 2Pac - Brenda's Got A Baby REACTION

Brenda's Got A Baby

Powered by WordPress. This was his message to the class of I was born on a bathroom floor in Compton, California. My father was also my uncle. He died of a drug overdose. My mother died while selling her body to feed me.

A newborn baby was rescued from a trash compactor in Brooklyn yesterday morning when two maintenance men heard the baby's cries just as they were about to start the crushing machine's motors, the police said. Detectives said the mother was a year-old girl who admitted that she had thrown the baby down a trash chute shortly after giving birth in her apartment in the building. The year-old, whose name was not released, had not been charged with a crime last night.
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The song explores the issue of teen pregnancy and its effect on the young mothers and their families. Like many of 2Pac's songs, "Brenda's Got a baby" draws from the plight of the impoverished. Using Brenda to represent young mothers in general, 2Pac criticises the low level of support from the baby's father, the government, and society in general. The video of the song is in black-and-white. It was made to visualize what Shakur narrates. The first part shows Shakur and Money-B talking about Brenda, and then the actual story starts. The video begins with "based on a true story," although the characters themselves are fictitious, Shakur wrote the song after reading a story in the newspaper of a twelve-year-old girl getting pregnant from her cousin and trying to dispose of the baby in a trash can.


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