Fat flush diet meal plan

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fat flush diet meal plan

The Fat Flush Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman


If youre like most people, youre probably thoroughly confused when it comes to choosing a weight loss plan. Youve been bombarded by new miracle diets, yet constantly alerted to the health risks associated with these fads. Are carbs bad? Is a high protein diet good? How much fat is really healthy? Should you follow the Mediterranean diet or the Asian diet? Finally, theres a way to ease your concerns and meet your goals: The Fat Flush Diet Plan will show you how to shed unwanted pounds while actually improving your health, and building a bridge between beauty and vitality.

The Fat Flush Diets unique, groundbreaking program targets cleansing the liver--the largest, most versatile organ in the body--and the one most essential to maintaining optimal body weight. Based on a satisfying, healthful, and cleansing combination of essential fats, balanced proteins, and quality carbohydrates, this detoxifying process boosts the livers ability to function at its highest level, accelerating weight loss while improving your health. Simple safe, and highly effective, this plan:

works via a process of detoxifying the liver thereby increasing metabolism
provides an excellent way to begin dieting as well as to continue weight loss
is the only diet program that can successfully break through the stubborn weight loss plateau every dieter faces, and flush out stubborn fat, while retaining crucial nutrients

The Fat Flush process also sets off a domino effect of health benefits, including:

Increasing your metabolism
Giving you more energy
Helping you get a more restful nights sleep
Stabilizing your moods

Here, at last, is a diet that combines common sense and sound science, making it the perfect choice for both first time dieters and those who have had varying levels of success on other programs.
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Detox redefined.

The Fat Flush Plan is both a detox diet and a weight loss diet. The idea is to provide all the necessary ingredients to boost metabolism, reduce water retention , and promote fat loss. This is a restrictive phase of between calories per day. In this phase you are not allowed to eat; margarine, alcohol, sugar, oils or fats except flaxseed oil , grains, bread, cereal, starchy vegetables, dairy products. Even the herbs and spices are restricted to a small list. Here the calorie allowance is lifted — to calories. The idea is to continue on with the program until the desired weight loss is achieved.

Developed by nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, The Fat Flush Plan combines weight loss and detoxification into a low-carbohydrate, restricted-calorie diet. Gittleman, who has a Ph. But first the liver and lymphatic system must be detoxified for optimal functioning. There are three phases to The Fat Flush Plan:. Exercise is also an important part of The Fat Flush Plan.

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Get started on your weight loss journey to a confident, healthier new you!

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Sandi Busch received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, then pursued training in nursing and nutrition. Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph. The Fat Flush diet has three phases and allows only specific foods and beverages. Phase I is a 2-week quick-start that limits daily calories to to Phase II adds carbohydrates, increases calories to and is followed until you reach your target weight. The diet requires two tablespoons of flaxseed oil a day because it's a great source of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Dieters are allowed to eat up to 8 ounces a day of lean protein including fish, lean beef, veal, lamb, and skinless turkey or chicken.

The Fat Flush Plan has a rather basic and clear-cut mission: to increase metabolism, flush out bloat, and speed up fat loss. At the core of the plan is the commitment to promote a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. Kick off your weight loss with a quick-start liquid detox and see significant results in just 3 days. Set the stage for fat loss with a metabolism booster, skinny smoothies, and slimming spices and fats. Cleanse and build quality bile—the key to fat breakdown and removal of built-up waste from the system. Take your progress to the next level.

How to Lose Weight Well on Channel 4 tonight is in its fourth series. The programme follows Britons as they try out a number of diets. Tonight show sees a woman attempt the Fat Flush Diet as she prepares for a friends 30th birthday party. How does the diet plan work? How to lose weight: What is the Fat Flush Diet that promises 12 inches off in two weeks?


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