Lady picks up baby rattlesnake

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lady picks up baby rattlesnake

Baby Rattlesnake by Te Ata

Baby Rattlesnake longs for a rattle in this retelling of a Native American folktale, refusing to be comforted by the assurances of his parents, his siblings, and the Rattlesnake People that he will grow into one. Finally, fed up with his constant crying, his people give him what he wants, but his irresponsible use of the rattle leads to disaster...

Based upon an oral telling of this tale done by Chickesaw actress and storyteller Te Ata, Lynn Moroneys adaptation is a cautionary tale about the dangers of possessing abilities for which one is not ready. The illustrations by Mira Reisberg are colorful, and rather cartoon-like. A brief but entertaining little book, perfect for young readers with an interest in Native American folklore, although I do wish that the specific origin of the tale had been discussed - should I assume it is Chickesaw, because Ata was?
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Woman picks up snake and carries it back to the lake

When Texas local Jennifer Sutcliffe discovered a four-foot Western diamondback rattlesnake nestled amongst the flowers in her yard, she reacted like most people in her situation would—with a scream. Eventually, medical professionals were forced to airlift him to the hospital.
Te Ata

VIDEO: California woman mistakes rattlesnake for dog toy

Carla Rosso and her husband had just gotten out of their backyard jacuzzi when she went to pickup what she thought was her dog's rope toy. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a baby rattlesnake instead. Baby rattlesnakes are actually more dangerous than adults because they cannot control their venom. The woman did manage to be okay despite the close encounter. Get email alerts from KSAT12 today. Get alerted to news events as they happen or sign up for a scheduled news headline email that is delivered right to your inbox. Sign up today.

A gust of wind kicks up a cloud of sage-scented dust. My partner, Adrian, and I curse in unison at a pair of rapidly approaching headlights. I stick my tactical flashlight in my mouth to free up both hands, slide a hook under his front end, and then take his back end in my left hand. I feel a bit guilty for frightening him, but faced with oncoming traffic, his life depends on getting him moved quickly. The truck is almost on top of us now. Work with the snake.

Starting each spring, Southern Pacific rattlesnakes Crotalus oreganus helleri , the most common species in the L. Right now, you can expect to find them stretched across the trails of Griffith Park or hanging out in your backyard. The season starts in spring and lasts until L. They tend to blend into the landscape. Southern Pacific snakes have thick bodies and short, stubby tails with a clear, hollow rattle at the end.

It's not a toy! A woman from Calabasas, California, got a big surprise w hen she reached down for what she thought was her dog's rope toy.
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Surveillance video captured the scene







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    It turned out to be a baby rattlesnake. Wrapped in a bathrobe, Carla tried to pick up what she thought was her dog Duchess' rope toy.

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