A pack of wild horses

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a pack of wild horses

Valley of Wild Horses Quotes by Zane Grey

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GoPro: Wild Mustangs - A Legacy in 4K

A feral horse is a free-roaming horse of domesticated stock.

Observing the Human Link With Wild Horses : 19 Students Ride Into High Country to Spy on Mustangs

Like all wild horses, the Pryor mustangs are herd animals living off the land in harems, dominated by the strongest stallions. According the Save the American Wild Horse organization, a dominant stallion, usually 6 years of age or older, will be in the company of one mare or a group of mares 24 hours a day, days a year. He sires the offspring, and these foals are with their band for at least one year, usually two. Many times the band has a dominant mare who will be responsible for leading the family group to grazing. She will also lead the family to a water hole and to the mineral lick where they dig for salt, a dietary supplement.

The wild horses that roam through the American west are descendants of Spanish horses who were brought to North America hundreds of years ago.
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Opinion February 8, That big, bad wolf that terrorized Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs was the same wolf that lived under my bed when I was a child maybe 4 before the big war ended. I would have my mom look under the bed, gentle readers, to double check for me when she tucked me in. She assured me he was not under there. I would clutch my paint hoss, my stuffed horse covered in camo with mop strings for his mane and tail and buttons for his eyes. I knew the wolf would be back and my paint was my only comfort.

Without any natural predators , the herds swelled in size. Before Congress got involved, passing legislation in an , the horses were subject to unregulated hunting and even poisoning of their water holes. Regardless of the label, there is no denying the majestic nature of these beautiful creatures. Many of those horses are part of the Virginia Range herd, which occupies a region in the western part of the state. Over the years, genetic studies have been done on the horses, and results have shown consistency with Spanish genetic traits. In , after public pressure, Interior Secretary Stewart Udall set aside 31, acres as protected public range for the horses.

The wild horses that roam through the American west are descendants of Spanish horses who were brought to North America hundreds of years ago. Wild horses are often called Mustangs, and are considered to be a specific type of horse, though there are several different types of mustangs within the general classification. Horses are not solitary animals and they will never choose to live individually if they have another option. In captivity, horses who do not have another horse for company will bond with donkeys, mules, cows or even goats. In the wild, horses stay within a group of other equines.


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