Teaching fractions using lego bricks

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teaching fractions using lego bricks

Fraction Division Using LEGO Bricks: Teacher Edition by Dr. Shirley Disseler

In Fraction Division Using LEGO® Bricks—Teacher Edition, Dr. Shirley Disseler has developed activities that work to help
students learn how to divide fractions, using a common toy available in most classrooms and homes—LEGO® bricks!
Fractions typically make up the largest percentage of moststandardized tests and are one of the most complicated mathematical content areas for elementary school students. Too often, students do not understand why they need to know how to compute with fractions or why certain procedures work. The activities in this book provide clear visual representations of fractions and the operation of multiplication. Students learn the “why” behind the math, not simply the rote procedures for dividing fractions.
In this book, the hands-on activities using LEGO® bricks help students learn how to:
• conceptualize what fraction division means
• divide a fraction by a fraction
• divide a whole number by a fraction
• divide a mixed number by a fraction
• use fraction division in real-world situations
The book starts at the most basic concepts and focuses on a specific topic in each chapter. Most students learn these
concepts between grades 4 - 6.
Using LEGO® bricks to model math provides a universal language. Children everywhere recognize this manipulative.
It’s fun to learn when you’re using LEGO® bricks!
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Published 17.12.2018

Using Lego in Youthreach to Learn about Fractions

We know that current math standards require students to learn through modeling using manipulatives. I have been using LEGO bricks for many years to teach.
Dr. Shirley Disseler

Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts

Then we looked at fractions from a different angle. His math book Making Math Meaningful — 2nd grade has had several pages where he has to determine if a certain number can be broken into fourth, halves, etc. This skill assists with understanding fractions as well as number sense in general. Then, he had to figure out if it was possible to break that tower into fourths, thirds, halves etc. The size of a half can change depending on how big the whole is! Such great activities! My boys love LEGO.

Understanding how all of the parts of a fraction fit together to make a whole often mystifies young minds until they find a relatable concept that brings it all together for them. LEGO bricks are an easy way to introduce fractions to younger children and help them to understand this important math skill. They not only will benefit from the visual concept offered, but also the hands-on use of the bricks can help them to connect with the lesson. There are a couple of different ways how to teach fractions with LEGO and each is very effective for students. This post contains affiliate links. Gather several same-sized LEGO pieces in different colors.

We know that current math standards require students to learn through modeling using manipulatives. I have been using LEGO bricks for many years to teach students math concepts throughout the elementary and middle school curriculum. This is a strategy for teaching how to add fractions that have like denominators. Adding Fractions with Like Denominators Teaching students to add fractions can be a challenge. Students must first understand that a fraction shows part of a whole.

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They were just so rigidly rectangular! In the classroom, the tiny bricks are now my favorite possibility-packed math manipulative! Read on for a sampling of math activities that use LEGO pieces to build and reinforce key math concepts. Chances are that if you are a parent or teacher, you already know, at least in theory, that these sturdy plastic blocks have huge intrinsic educational value. Along with the obvious creative implications, while children play with LEGO blocks, they are also building their spatial and proportional awareness.

Heidi lego learning 2 Comments Dec 19, Have you ever noticed that certain things are just easier to learn when you can see, touch, and manipulate them? Fractions seems to be one of those things. Using objects like pizza, pie, chocolate, and Legos can be a great way to visualize and work with fractions. Teaching fractions using Legos can be a tad neater and less hunger inducing than some of the other options I just listed! Legos are fairly commonplace in most homes with children, therefore they are a familiar and easily accessible resource to use for teaching fractions. With that in mind I was thrilled to find a series of books that uses Legos to teach math concepts — Brick Math Series by Dr.



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