Guillaume devin sociologie des relations internationales

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guillaume devin sociologie des relations internationales

Guillaume Devin (Author of Sociologie Des Relations Internationales)

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Published 17.12.2018

Bourdieu et la théorie des Relations internationales en une minute

Sociologie Des Relations Internationales

Much like companies, international organisations must adopt best practices in order to improve performance, train collaborators, expand their expertise and thus legitimise their presence within the increasingly competitive landscape of non-State actors. However, while all best practices are designed to provide experience-based pragmatic advice, they nonetheless may take on very different aspects depending on the institutions and policies they are supposed to govern. By exploring the emergence and use of best practices in fields as different as health, education, development aid and environmental protection, this volume provides an overview of new tools for international governance, their fundamental purpose and their effect on multilateral action. Presses de Sciences Po International Relations. Paperback - In French The Best Practices of International Organisations.

Objectives (and/or specific learning outcomes)

Long considered an 'American science', international relations is now one of the most promising academic disciplines globally, in terms of the number of courses offered, the variety of research programmes and the level of student interest. It combines different approaches to this scientific domain, hoping to help strengthen and stimulate the study of international relations within the Francophone world. Seeking to revive the ancient tradition of the treatise, this innovative volume, hitherto unseen in France, hopes to simultaneously be a gateway to the discipline and a source of reference for all its relevant players: students, teachers, researchers, politicians, diplomats, experts and professionals working with international organisations and associations.

Analysing international relations supposes to study the way the different units of the international system interact. In this introductory course the main issues which are tackled concern the status and nature of the different actors, their objectives and the means they use to attain their goals. Besides, the structuring principles of the international system like sovereignty and non-interference are questioned in order to shed a light on the recurrent tensions underpinning the international system. To provide students with a basic knowledge in international relations for better understanding the political game at the international level when the power is at stake. Raising awareness regarding the complexity of today's international stakes and initiating the students to the conceptual tools enabling them to reflect autonomously upon those stakes.


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