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st vincent review new york times

Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay by Nancy Milford

Thomas Hardy once said that America had two great attractions: the skyscraper and the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay. The most famous poet of the Jazz Age, Millay captivated the nation: She smoked in public, took many lovers (men and women, single and married), flouted convention sensationally, and became the embodiment of the New Woman.

Thirty years after her landmark biography of Zelda Fitzgerald, Nancy Milford returns with an iconic portrait of this passionate, fearless woman who obsessed America even as she tormented herself.

Chosen by USA Today as one of the top ten books of the year, Savage Beauty is a triumph in the art of biography. Millay was an American original--one of those rare characters, like Sylvia Plath and Ernest Hemingway, whose lives were even more dramatic than their art.
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St. Vincent's Annie Clark in Studio Q

Bill Murray is in full codger mode in “St. Vincent,” a comic Brooklyn tale of The Times film critic Manohla Dargis reviews “St. Vincent.
Nancy Milford

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

For some time now, Mr. Murray has been burnishing his cult in Wes Anderson films, where he adds Murrayesque mystery and bite — is he deep or just dyspeptic? Sometimes, Mr. Cluttered, gloomy and brown, the house is an art-directed portrait of desolation, with scary granny wallpaper and beaten-down furniture that suggest its occupant either gave up the fight a long time ago or is a serial killer. Murray, whose world-weary shtick is now as purely decorative as a string of puka beads.

Forecasters said Tropical Storm Dorian would move through the Caribbean and might approach Puerto Rico as a Category 1 hurricane before making landfall in the Dominican Republic. Veron Primus, accused of killing Chanel Petro-Nixon, is in custody on a Caribbean island and awaiting extradition. Vincent and the Grenadines, a team of part-time players, will face the United States in St. From St. Vincent to South Africa, the Travel section has some suggestions for sunny getaways — just in time for spring break.

As the pop music landscape has shifted over and over again this decade, major artists have repeatedly attempted to reinvent the album release for a digital time: There have been surprise albums , visual albums , albums edited after-the-fact , albums with little notice and no advance singles , streaming-only albums , video-only albums and so on. And then there is Taylor Swift, steady in her traditional pop playbook, with radio singles, music videos, magazine covers, television appearances and a stream of things for sale, all on schedule. Other guests include Annie Clark, also known as St. That song also reached No. The advance tracks Swift has released since are more muted. In a typical Swift dichotomy, the album and its path to release have mixed moments of intimacy and introspection with bombast and headline-grabbing controversies. During her promotional tour this week, Swift nimbly returned to that conversation and steered the narrative, announcing plans to rerecord new versions of her old material that she would control beginning in November , when she said her past contracts would allow it.

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Vincent sits in a cavernous room and holds auditions, trying out a steady stream of rubber-faced performers, all of whom eventually break down under her unyielding, if lovely, gaze. Alone onstage in a black party dress and red-red lipstick, St. Vincent — offstage she goes by Annie Clark — was all concentrated thrash. She padded over to the piano for the next song and grabbed an acoustic guitar for another; she also plays the bass. Clark explained her aesthetic.


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