Don t trust no one

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don t trust no one

Trust No One by Anthony Mosawi

I Am Pilgrim meets Nomad in Trust No One, a high-concept read that grips and entertains like a Hollywood thriller.

My name is Sara Eden. I was born in Scotland in 1980. My mother died at birth. My father was a tourist.

This is all Sara Eden knows about herself. She has few links to the past: the cassette player, a cheap gold necklace, a few scraps of paper. And a Polaroid of a stranger with one line: Dont trust this man.

As she begins to unravel her past, Sara discovers that she was imprisoned by a group of agents now moving heaven and earth to find her. She knows that she is important to them. She knows they consider her a threat. But the highly trained forces on her heels are only part of the danger she faces. Theres something in Saras background that is more dangerous, more deadly than her pursuers can even imagine. And the only thing Sara knows for certain is that she must Trust No One.
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Published 18.12.2018

You Can't Trust No One - Chris Knight

16 Reasons You Can't Trust No One These Days

There is a problem with many of the arguments being put forward in the Block Size debate, which is essentially over now. If you want to argue about anything, make a case for something, you need to do it cleanly, logically, and without fallacies. Because Bitcoin is inextricably linked with money, its difficult to get people to argue cleanly about it, but it can be done, and in the case of the Block Size argument, it has been done, and the correct side won, because their arguments are better. In this matter and all other matters to do with software, only the arguments matter not the people making them. We can make this argument without mentioning the NSA who proposed it or Linus Torvalds who stopped it. If Bitcoin doesn't matter, if it is trivially small, this is the logical step to take, and talking to Bitcoiners is a waste of time.

1. The worst kind of monster...

Do you have issues trusting other people? Some people argue that you have to trust other people in order to live a happy, fulfilling life. So often we get sidelined by others. They mislead us, whether intentionally or not, and cause us to go down the wrong path. So, how do you do that?

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We all have trust issues. Maybe they were cultivated at a young age when your parents told you that Brussels sprouts tasted like chocolate, or maybe you developed them later in life after clicking on one too many internet articles promising 16 hilarious pictures which were then followed by 16 colossal disappointments and a bunch of popup ads. Well, you're here now, so clearly you got over that one Anyway, here to reinforce any trust issues you might have, are 16 pictures that prove that you should trust no one But apparently, sometimes, that interspecies attraction is just too strong. Just ask Dumbledore's brother and his goat


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