Funny quotes about pancake day

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funny quotes about pancake day

Pancakes Quotes (25 quotes)

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Published 09.12.2018

Flapjack - The Best of Captain K'nuckles

Happy Pancake Day Greetings.

10 Pancake Quotes, Free Stack for National Pancake Day

Did you hear about the angry pancake? He just flipped. What did the young pancake say to the old burnt pancake? I don't like your flip side. What do the New York Yankees and pancakes have in common? They both need a good batter! How do you make a pancake smile?

At first they talked about cars and farms, and true to form, the American had the swankiest car and the biggest farm. Then they got to talking about children's names. As usual, the brothers began to argue over who should get the first pancake. Their mother saw a wonderful opportunity for a moral lesson. Shrove Tuesday? Every dog has his day, but for Patch, Pancake Day was not it.

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Happy Pancake Day! Today is the day to get the frying pan out, grease it with some butter, make a mess in the kitchen, and off course — indulge in those fluffy treats of goodness. Before people are tucking in, some are posting photos of their culinary masterpieces, tweeting out pictures and posting hilarious memes too. Who's travelling to St Pancake station today? Told you I was excited?


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