Was adolf hitler a good leader

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was adolf hitler a good leader

The Charisma of Adolf Hitler by Laurence Rees

Adolf Hitler was an unlikely leader - fuelled by hate, incapable of forming normal human relationships, unwilling to debate political issues - and yet he commanded enormous support. So how was it possible that Hitler became such an attractive figure to millions of people? That is the important question at the core of Laurence Rees new book.

The Holocaust, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, the outbreak of the Second World War - all these cataclysmic events and more can be laid at Hitlers door. Hitler was a war criminal arguably without precedent in the history of the world. Yet, as many who knew him confirm, Hitler was still able to exert a powerful influence over the people who encountered him.

In this fascinating book to accompany his new BBC series, the acclaimed historian and documentary maker Laurence Rees examines the nature of Hitlers appeal, and reveals the role Hitlers supposed charisma played in his success. Rees previous work has explored the inner workings of the Nazi state in The Nazis: A Warning from History and the crimes they committed in Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution. The Charisma of Adolf Hitler is a natural culmination of twenty years of writing and research on the Third Reich, and a remarkable examination of the man and the mind at the heart of it all.
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Students Told Hitler Was 'Good Leader' During School Presentation

Was Hitler a great leader or a monster? Essay

When we think of powerful leaders many of us tend to think of those leaders that are considered good leaders, meaning they have used their skills for positive results. All of these leaders were powerful in their own right. We can also trace back his brutality to his abusive relationship with his father. Hitler was then appointed Chancellor of Germany by the German President and then began to eliminate all positions and people of power so that he alone was the face and voice of Germany. Part of his campaign to make himself appear to be a trusting, respectable leader was photography.

Examine Adolf Hitler's shortcomings as a military leader. Discover why the How good was Hitler as a military commander? Was he, as his.
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Was Hitler a Great Leader or a Monster?

Indisputably he had an ability to lead and motivate. - You search returned over essays for "Was Hitler a great leader or a". Adolf Hitler was not born to hold power but was elected prime minister and later became a dictator after the death of President Hindenburg.

You are leaving no legacy to your people of which they would feel proud. The former went down in history books for war and genocide; the latter, for opposing tyranny with non-violence. Looking at their biographies, we find that the way leaders reacted to pivotal moments in their lives played a critical role in deciding what kind of leaders they became. Studies have shown that the struggles we are born to; our gender, abilities and disabilities, even our upbringing, and, the challenges that are thrown at us — having to drop out of school, surviving cancer, being gripped by poverty etc — all build our identity. They were no strangers to the battlefield, where developments in military technology spurred on the killing of millions.


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    Adolf Hitler was not born to hold power but was elected prime minister and later became a dictator after the death of President Hindenburg. When he becomes.

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    A student of mine remarked that "Adolf Hitler was a great leader" during a presentation. There was a line up of presenters and I was not supposed to give.

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