Harry potter page stars tattoo

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harry potter page stars tattoo

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Were Harry and Ginny intimate? Showing 1-40 of 40

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Published 18.12.2018

Tattoos in the style of Harry Potter

Small Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas

For some, curling up with J. But for the true devotees, the magic never died. Their love of all things H. For others, well, they just really love Snape. I had to buy a new set of books because I read the first so many times they were falling apart!

The Harry Potter series has seven books, eight movies, and endless opportunities for interesting tattoos. Still, with so many fans of the series, people are bound to have the same tattoo ideas. Here's a list of the most common Harry Potter ideas from the semi-original to the downright insulting. From hyper realistic to cartoonish, the Hogwarts Castle is a great choice for a Harry Potter tattoo. Despite its popular presence in the tattoo community, it is number ten on the list because it can be drawn in hundreds of styles.

Brittany is a pop culture enthusiast! She loves writing about celebrities, TV shows, films, music, and more! Getting a Harry Potter tattoo is something lots of fans decide to do. Symbolic tattoos are nice because they're almost like a secret. A symbolic tattoo is a good fail-safe in case you heaven forbid!

Tiny and subtle tattoos are not only adorable: I think they're the best type of first tattoo you can get. The design is usually simple and easy to hide , which makes for a quick process — in other words, not too painful.
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Harry Potter Tattoo Symbols

Throughout that time, one of the only forms of relief came through immersing myself within any of the Harry Potter books. No matter what was going wrong within my head, the second I opened one of those books, I would instantly feel better. The tattoo is on my forearm, the place I self-harmed the most. I chose to permanently represent my newfound light in the place that had so consistently represented the darkness. We are also very yin and yang.




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    Harry Potter Chapter Stars on Wrist

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    Harry Potter Star Tattoo | Tattoos | Star tattoos, Harry potter star tattoo, Star tattoo designs

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    Disney princess sleeping beauty read along storybook and cd herbs a to z book

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    The 3 stars in every page of the books:) Harry Potter was my whole childhood and such a big part of my life so this was my little tribute to it. My first tattoo and I.

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    Harry Potter Star Tattoo 3 Stars Tattoo, Star Wrist Tattoos, Small Star Tattoos,. Visit . Harry Potter Star Tattoo from every single page in the series! Love this.

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