Customs broker exam october 2018

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customs broker exam october 2018

October 2018 Customs Broker License Exam - Answered Questions and Explanations by Sam Lu

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Published 18.12.2018

Chan Passed Customs Broker Exam in October 2018, and Got Job in November 2018

Should I take the Customs Broker Exam in April or October?

Customs Broker License Exam. News - Updates. The exam will be on Thursday , Oct 17th The reason give for the change was "Due to an unforeseen impediment to optimal conditions for administering the test, CBP has decided to change the regularly scheduled date of the examination. New MPF October Effective October 1, , U.

What a Test! Below you will find our preliminary answers. Remember, these are not official answers. These are the answers we felt were the best choice given the options and information available. We've also included our citations.

Broker Management Reusable Block - Updated 2018

Is there a difference in the pass rates and am I more likely to pass by taking the test in April versus October? Students have often asked me this question as to whether taking the April or October test makes a difference to the probability of their passing the Licensed Customs Broker Exam. They would like to know whether the April tests are more difficult to pass than the October ones or vice-versa. We plotted the pass rates for the Customs Broker Exam over the year period from October to October on a graph which revealed some interesting trends. This implies that the test has become a bit easier now perhaps because a half hour was added to the time allowed to take the test since October Taking the mean of the two pass percentage ranges in and , while the probability of passing the exam was about However, a pass rate of

If you want the license, you have to pass the US Customs broker exam. This exam is one of the most difficult to pass in the USA. Most examinees will need to take a prep course in order to pass. No matter how much experience a person has with import compliance, real world application does not guarantee a passing grade. There have been lawyers who have taken the exam multiple times before passing and there have been people who have never worked import compliance and passed on the first go.


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    Public Affairs - About CBP: Questions? CBP Info Center

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    Oct 24, Customs Broker License Examination. DIRECTIONS - READ CAREFULLY. This examination consists of 80 questions. The minimum passing.

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    Oct 26, Downloadable recent exam and answer key. PDF icon Copy of October Exam PDF icon Copy of October Answer Key · About CBP.

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