Center of my world english subtitles

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center of my world english subtitles

Die Mitte der Welt by Andreas Steinhöfel

Der siebzehnjährige Phil ist auf der Suche. So wenig er über seine Vergangenheit weiß, so chaotisch ist seine Gegenwart. Da ist zum Beispiel seine Mutter Glass mit ihren ständig wechselnden Liebhabern. Oder seine Zwillingsschwester Dianne, schroff und eigenwillig, mit Geheimnissen, die sie längst nicht mehr mit Phil teilt. Oder Annie, die verrückte Alte mit den roten Schuhen, die sich ausschließlich von Kirschlikör zu ernähren scheint und Nicholas, der Unerreichbare, in den sich Phil unsterblich verliebt hat. Phil sehnt sich nach Orientierung und Perspektiven. Und vor allem danach, mehr über sich selbst zu erfahren ...
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Center of My World

Still, the more complex a work, the trickier the adaptation into another medium. Notably, his twin sister Dianne Ada Philine Stappenbeck is behaving in a surly and secretive manner, barely speaking to him, and not at all to their mother, Glass Sabine Timoteo. Phil has a more boisterous reunion with best friend Kat Svenja Jung , a wellspring of borderline-noxious teenage extroversion. Soon the two boys are making out in the locker-room shower, then anywhere else they can find, with an older lesbian couple generously donating their guest cottage for afternoon trysts. Erwa depicts an already idealized young-love scenario by pouring on the voyeristic nudity, fantasy scenes, childhood flashbacks, jump cuts, pop-song-drenched montages, and anything else he can think of. The cast is fine when not cornered into being too one-dimensional or decorative, with Timoteo good in the most complexly drawn role. Also in Munich, Moscow film festivals.

The year-old Phil comes back from a summer camp and returns to the old mansion 'Visible' where he lives with his mother, Glass, and his twin sister, Dianne. They barely have contact with the other citizens of this village, who consider Phil's family to be strange - Dianne is said to be able to talk with animals. However, they are often visited by Tereza, a lawyer, who always has some good advice for Phil. Phil does notice that something has changed between his mother and his sister and that they do not talk to each other anymore. He spends the last days of his summer holidays with his best friend Kat.

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Center of My World

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Sign in. The star of " The Boys " has a great Watchlist that she can't stop re-watching. Watch now. Title: Center of My World Nathan, 16, lives alone with his father Stephane.

Tickets are available at ext. In association with Goethe-Institut. Returning home from a summer holiday, Phil discovers that his mother and twin sister are not speaking to one another. Attempting to avoid a family feud just before the end of summer, Phil spends most of his time with his best friend, Kat. At the beginning of the school year a new student joins their class.


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