Lincolns log cabin in kentucky

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lincolns log cabin in kentucky

Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White House by Sterling North


Sterling Norths informative biography reads easily and should hold the attention of preteen students. The format includes: straight biographical narrative using simple syntax, short quotes from Lincolns own memoires, fictionalized dialogue and reports by his cousin, Dennis Hanks--in backwoods dialect no less. Although the last chapters gloss over the Civil War and Lincolns untimely assassination this 150-page book offers real insight into the events and persons who molded our 16th president. This excellent introduction to American presidential history illustrates how America truly represents the land of unlimited opportunity. Social Studies teachers can celebrate--Landmark Books has added yet another title to their fine list of books for young students.

(February 9, 2011. I welcome dialgoue with teachers.)
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Lincoln's birthplace log cabin in Kentucky with Tim Johnston

Where is Abraham Lincoln’s Log Cabin?

As President's Day approaches, let's remember one of America's most beloved leaders and his famous log cabin home. Haycraft had invited the future President to visit his childhood home in Kentucky. The Lincoln family lived on 30 acres of the acre Knob Creek Farm from the time Abraham was two and a half until he was almost eight years old. Here he learned to talk and soon grew big enough to run errands, such as carrying water and gathering wood for the fires. Abraham recalled in later years numerous memories of his childhood here; a stone house he had passed while taking corn to Hodgen's Mill; a certain big tree that had attracted his boyish fancy; the old homestead; the clear stream where he fished, and the surrounding hills where he picked berries were all impressed on his mind. He could remember how he stayed by his mother's side and watched her face while listening to her read the Bible. Lincoln could also remember the baby brother who was born and died on the Knob Creek Farm.

President Lincoln is known for his many accomplishments, but also his humble beginnings. The cabin that Lincoln was born in and the cabin Lincoln grew up in. The home Lincoln grew up in is in Knob Creek, Kentucky. These sites are national historic sites. The cabin Lincoln grew up in was taken down before and was likely, at least partially, used in the construction of other nearby houses at the time of its deconstruction. As a result, a replica was once again made and now is placed in the memorial building in Sinking Spring Farm, Kentucky.

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The centerpiece is a replica of the log cabin built and occupied by Thomas Lincoln , father of U. - He was born at the Sinking Spring site south of Hodgenville and remained there until the family moved to the Knob Creek Farm northeast of Hodgenville when he was 2 years old, living there until he was 7 years old. The Sinking Spring site is the location of the park visitor center.

For over a century people from around the world have come to rural Central Kentucky to honor the humble beginnings of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. His early life on Kentucky's frontier shaped his character and prepared him to lead the nation through Civil War. The country's first memorial to Lincoln, built with donations from young and old, enshrines the symbolic birthplace cabin. The symbolic birth cabin is enshrined within a Neo-Classical Memorial Building on the traditional site of the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. The Sinking Spring was the water source for the Lincoln family and the feature from which the farm received its name. Explore This Park.

School children across the United States learn that Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin. For seven weeks this past summer I worked at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park in Hodgenville, Kentucky, where that cabin as legend has it is encased in a stone monument. Imposingly large when viewed from the bottom of its 56 steps, the monument is almost claustrophobic inside. The now largely forgotten monument was once national news. Over , Americans donated money to build the publicly funded temple.


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