Top scariest places in america

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top scariest places in america


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Published 18.12.2018

5 most 'haunted' places in Massachusetts

All rights reserved. In the spring of , a dangerous hysteria descended upon the quiet town of Salem, Massachusetts, snaking through the community like an insidious virus. In September , after spending months in prison and refusing to stand trial, Corey was stripped naked, a board was placed on his chest, and heavy stones were piled on him as life slowly drained from his body.
Richard Berrington

List of reportedly haunted locations in the United States

Ever thought, "What are the best haunted places near me? Get ready for goosebumps galore when you plan a trip to these authentically haunted hotels , spooky homes , eerie prisons, and more of the scariest places scattered across the country. Or, take a self-guided adventure through The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a former tuberculosis hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. You may even recognize a few supernaturally-surged spots from popular literature or films: Fans of The Shining can get a taste of the inspiration behind the Stephen King book-turned-movie with an overnight stay at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. And, perhaps most notable of all although sadly not open to the public , you can still snap a few photos of the actual Amityville Horror House in New York.

This is a list of locations in the United States which have been reported to be haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings, including demons. California is the location of many supposedly haunted locations. There are several reputedly haunted sites in Indiana, including the Culbertson Mansion in the former shipbuilding town New Albany. There are a number of Reportedly haunted locations in Oregon. Reported hauntings in the state are linked to such historic places as the Oregon Trail and early coastal communities, as well as the history of Portland , the state's largest city and metropolitan area , which was considered one of the most dangerous port cities in the world at the beginning of the 20th century. Allegedly haunted locales in Portland include the Bagdad Theater , a vaudeville theater built by Universal Studios during ; Pittock Mansion , a mansion overlooking the city; the Roseland Theater , a former church and music venue ; and the city's Portland Underground or so-called shanghai tunnels , [] made up of various passages beneath the streets of northwest Portland that were used to smuggle prostitutes and sailors onto ships in the port, where they were often sold into slavery or forced labor.

We know the United States as the land of spacious skies and amber waves of grain, but it also happens to be the land of a million ghost stories. Take a coast-to-coast tour of the most haunted places in America, where lingering spirits roam through the halls of hotels , abandoned insane asylums, Broadway theaters, and even a city zoo. This gallery was originally published in It has been updated with new information. The castle-like Eastern State Penitentiary took solitary confinement to new levels when it was built in Prisoners lived alone, exercised alone, and ate alone; when an inmate left his cell, a guard would cover his head with a hood so he couldn't see or be seen.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

No matter where you live, it's likely you're not far from a historical site with a spooky history. Sloss Furnaces was once a bustling center of steel production — and employed a notorious foreman named James "Slag" Wormwood, who was infamously cruel to his workers. - Every state has its spooky spots, whether an annual haunted attraction, a legitimately haunted place, or just an uncomfortably eerie spot in nature. Old mental hospitals, valleys filled by ghosts, theme park fright houses, cemeteries, historic hotels -- no matter how you scare, your state has a place to freak you out.

There's a haunted spot to be found in every state. But which are the most haunted in America? We found 40 places in the US that are known for their paranormal activity. They range from hotels to lighthouses to former prisons. The stories behind why ghosts lurk in these spots are fascinating and often gruesome tales. During its heyday, Eastern State Penitentiary was one of the most expensive and well-known prisons in the world. It was built in and housed big name criminals like Al Capone and bank robber "Slick Willie.

With its centuries of history and array of colorful characters, it is not surprising that the USA is home to many haunted places. Unseen spirits, lost souls and more linger among the streets, buildings and structures throughout the country. Read on for the most haunted places in America. One of the most historically significant houses in San Diego, the Whaley House is also known as one of the most haunted places in America. Its rich past is also a torrid one, including the suicide of Violet Whaley from a second floor balcony and the hanging of Yankee Jim Robinson, which took place before the house was constructed.



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