Ali a in fortnite battle royale

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ali a in fortnite battle royale

Fortnite Battle Royale Quotes by Ali McDonald

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Published 19.12.2018

BATMAN is HERE in Fortnite!

The Best 'Fortnite' YouTubers

Ali-A is one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet, and chances are you've watched one of his videos online, or have had one of your mates tell you to watch them! But he's done loads more than just play CoD and Fortnite online - find out everything you ever wanted to know about him here! All the best heroes have names that alliterate - where the first and last names start with the same letter. Ali-A is the same! His real name is Alastair Aiken. That's hard to get your head around! It looks like 10,, when it's written as a number.

The channel has since gained over thousand subscribers and generated more than 3. The main focus of Aiken's videos on his main channel is his commentaries and live reactions to video games as he plays them. The video games that he usually plays on the channel are within the Call of Duty franchise, [10] [21] and Fortnite but that is not always the case. When new installments to the Call Of Duty video game franchise are announced, Aiken covers known information about the games, giving viewers in-depth reviews. Once the games are released, he creates video game walkthrough series on the games, [11] demonstrating to viewers how to complete the new Call of Duty game. According to Socialblade's statistics, both of Aiken's YouTube channels are within the top 50 in the network.

He is also the second most subscribed YouTube Channel in the Fortnite community after being surpassed by Ninja. He also holds a world record of being the most subscribed and most viewed Call of Duty YouTube channel. Ali is known for his Call of Duty gameplay videos. He daily uploads a video of his gameplay from a Call of Duty video game, and he also covers all information leading up to the launch of a new Call of Duty game. Where he uploaded his recently famous Pixelmon series as well as his "Ali-A's Adventure" series in Minecraft.

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BATMAN arrives in Fortnite! (Skins, Weapons + NEW map!)

Top definition. Ali-A unknown. This man is the star of many twelve year olds wet dreams , and the king of clickbait , people who reject this definition are most likely his twelve year old fan boys. Alia is hella cool , without a doubt. A fortnite YouTuber who puts too many arrows in his thubnails and tries to get people attentions by putting the only interesting part in the video at the start then forces u to watch 30min of him and his obnoxious voice. Alia unknown. Alia Alia is the sweetest person ever, she will be by your side when you are down and will always help give you relationship advice.




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    Ali-A // Subscribe and join the #AliAarmy! Fortnite Battle Royale - FIRST Victory Royale with a fa Fortnite Battle: Royale - Batman skins, weapons + map!.

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