Battle of goose green falkland islands

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battle of goose green falkland islands

Goose Green by Mark Adkin

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Published 19.12.2018

Battle Of Goose Green Anniversary - Forces TV

Goose Green

It has been 35 years today since the Battle for Goose Green, the first major land conflict of the Falklands war. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Skip to content Blog. The battle of Goose Green began in the early hours of 28th May and is most well know for its high casualty rate as well as treason commited by the BBC in the days leading up to the battle. British Forces faced a challenging start to the battle — their men could not be flown in as most of their helicopters had been destroyed by Argentine missiles on May 25th.

It was especially notable for two things — the high casualty rate and how the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC committed treason. They are also closer to Argentina — which is why the Argentines claim them despite everyone else saying otherwise. On April 2, , they decided to do something about it by invading the Falkland Islands. The combined territory comes to barely 1, square miles. Being so close to Antarctica they barely habitable. To understand this, here is a quick history lesson. Among the territories they lost was Argentina.

Here they were deployed to the south of the bay to protect the men there from an attack from Argentine troops based in the south of the island. From here, the battalion was ordered south to fight the Argentineans based at Goose Green and Darwin. Knowing that they were going into battle, men from 2 Para left behind their sleeping bags and other equipment that would have got in their way during a fire-fight. They took two days rations, weapons and ammunition. Within the area known as Goose Green, over civilians were known to live. In fact, the people who made their living around Goose Green were under guard in the Goose Green community centre.


The battle is notable for a number of features. It was fought within just a week of the British landings at San Carlos Water — at the western end of East Falkland, the larger of the two main islands — as a consequence of the political priorities set by the British government to seize the initiative and maintain the momentum of the attack from the outset of the campaign. In doing so, they overrode the judgement of the land commander, Brigadier Julian Thompson, the land forces commander, as unnecessary and a diversion to the main thrust of his offensive against Stanley, clear on the other side of the island. A victory at Darwin and Goose Green, the government and its strategists at Northwood concluded, would form a prelude to further attacks in the drive on the capital. In so doing, it would preserve the high degree of public support enjoyed at home and set a precedent for other successes on the battlefield to come. Thus, Goose Green stands as an example of how political intervention can and does — for good or ill — interfere with military priorities set by commanders in the field.


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