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Yuri: Kannazuki No Miko, Simoun, Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, Maria-Sama Ga Miteru, Maria Holic, Strawberry Panic!, Air Master by Source Wikipedia

Istochnik: Wikipedia. Stranitsy: 33. Glavy: Kannazuki no Miko, Simoun, Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Maria Holic, Strawberry Panic!, Air Master, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, El Cazador, Shoujo Sect, Puni Puni Poemi, Parade Parade, Aki Sora, Aoi Shiro, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, Comic Yuri Hime, Oniisama e..., Akai Ito, Ninin Ga Shinobuden, Hotaruko, Podruzhki, G-Taste, Chiraliti, Kuttsukiboshi, Stainless Night, Shiroi Heya no Futari, Aoi Hana, Sasameki Koto, Yuru Yuri, F3, Fight! Iczer One, Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian. Vyderzhka: Kannazuki no Miko kannadzuki no miko, bukv. -Zhritsy bezbozhnogo mesyatsa- ) - manga avtorstva gruppy Kaishaku i yee anime-adaptatsiya, vyshedshaya na ekran v 2004 godu. -Kannazuki no Miko- schitaet.sya odnim iz pervykh anime, nedvusmyslenno otnosyashchikhsya k zhanru se dze -ai i tselikom posvyashche nnykh romanticheskim otnosheniyam mezhdu dvumya devushkami. Anime-serial zachastuyu schitayut dukhovnym naslednikom seriala -Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito- (2002-03) iz-za skhozhesti zhanrovoi prinadlezhnosti i tsentral nykh personazhyei oboikh proizvedenii . V 2007 godu byl anonsirovan serial -Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora-, takzhe baziruyushchii sya na mange Kaishaku, animirovannyi studiyei TNK i, k tomu zhe, soderzhashchii mnogochislennye ot.sylki k -Kannazuki no Miko- (naryadu s drugimi mangami gruppy). Takzhe v 2009 godu byla vypushena manga -Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian-, napisannaya Kaishaku. Po legende, mnogo vekov nazad zloe bozhestvo po imeni Oroti ) popytalos razrushit (vernyee, polnost yu perestroit pod sebya) chelovecheskii mir, odnako zashchitnitsy chelovechestva, Solnechnaya Miko i Lunnaya Miko, sumeli sovladat s chudovishchem i na tysyacheletiya zaperet yego vnutri Luny. Razumyeet.sya, bessmertnoe bozhestvo dolzhno bylo rano ili pozdno nai ti vykhod iz svoego polozheniya, poetomu Miko ostavili v nasledstvo gryadushchim pokoleniyam znanie, kak pobedit ...
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Shattered Angels Season 2 (Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora)

Academia is one of the signs of recovery for humanity ten years after the greatest disaster humankind had ever seen. One day, while her schoolmates are preparing for the upcoming school festival, the prince from her dreams appears. The Angels materialize, controlling their mecha from without and using large, mechanized limbs. During a battle, the angels phase into and out of their angelic forms; as in Kannazuki no Miko , the names of the mecha are drawn from artifacts and figures of Japanese and European mythology. A episode anime television series aired in Japan from January 5 to March 23, ; the series, originally licensed by ADV Films , was transferred to Funimation Entertainment who released the series on February 24, in July

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Absolute Angel Kaon

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora revolves around the life of Kuu Shiratori, a seemingly normal high school girl who enjoys her school life in the giant city Academia, which is thought of as a symbol of recovery for humanity since already ten years have passed since the greatest disaster mankind had ever seen, occurred. Kuu has recently been having a recurring dream where a prince meets her and takes her away. One day, while all the students at her school are preparing for the upcoming school festival, the prince, whom she has met several times in her dreams, appears. The prince, Kyoshiro Ayanokoji, requests of her just as he had done in Kuu's dreams, "Let's go This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Romance, Action, and A warrior girl.. Maybe a girl who can fight really well, or a girl who is a martial artist or samurai.. Just something like that but with romance. Romance anime withhhh? Best Answer. Other answers Total: 58 items.

Himiko usually appears with her and, despite the fact that she is Mika's sword, she harbors a deep affection for Himiko, although she initially denies that their relationship is of a romantic nature likely due to knowing that Mika would punish Himiko even more deeply if she admitted such. She displays a strong desire to protect Himiko, even at a cost to herself. She has her Absolute Angel mark on her left arm. At one point, Mika removes Kaon's mark to place her own, after having had her subjected to a torturous process to increase the power of Murakumo and to restrict Kaon to only being able to draw energy from Mika. These events change Kaon's personality and sever her emotional bond with Himiko, to the latter's great distress.


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    Shattered Angels is a Japanese manga created by Kaishaku which was first serialized in the . Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora had an Internet radio program, Radio Kyoshiro (RADIO京四郎), which began in the i-revo TE-A room since August

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    Welcome to Shattered Angels Wiki (Kyōshirō to Towa no Sora). This Wikia is about the Japanese Anime and Manga series, Kyōshirō to Towa no Sora. The Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora manga, created by Kaishaku, was first serialized in the Japanese magazine Monthly Dragon Age in May

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    He reappears after being missing for ten years and presumed dead.

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