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paul curry out of this world

Magicians Magic by Paul Curry

“No recent book on magic … reveals so many inside secrets.” — Martin Gardner.
Among veteran magicians, Paul Curry was known for his invention of many new tricks and the imaginative twists he gave old ones. But this charming book is much more than just a compendium of classic legerdemain. It’s a page-turning commentary on the history of magic, along with descriptions of illusions that anyone can master.
Presenting thoroughly engrossing material in a truly elegant style, the “magician’s magician” discloses the secrets behind more than 25 close-up marvels — including his own “Out of This World,” reputed to be the best card trick of the past century. The book also surveys the entire field of prestidigitation — from magic performed in ancient Egypt to tricks executed in modern times.
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[Intermediate] Milkyway by Nofirstrule // a variation of Out of this world by Paul Curry

An unforgettable fooler from master of close-up magic. Top Inventors 1. Roberto Giobbi 2.
Paul Curry

Magic Tricks

Paul Curry's original "Out of This World," as published in , with improvements to the routine he published later. These modifications successfully eliminated the weak points in the original handling. We're confident you'll find the result a remarkably smooth and easy-to-perform routine that remains entirely faithful to Paul Curry's classic effect. Licensed for personal use only. No resale or re-distribution. Let's face it.

In , magician Paul Curry invented a card trick that would take the world of pasteboard sorcery by storm. Dubbed Out of This World, this effect, where a spectator separates the red cards from the black ones without looking at them, featured a very rare combination of an extremely powerful effect with an almost self-working methodology and quickly became the most talked-about card trick of its time. Curry later recalled that the concept of the trick came to him in about 15 minutes and he didn't understand why it would fool magicians. But, fool them it did! Curry's brainchild has become one of the most famous card tricks of all time and in fact, in the famous Genii-Orben poll, was voted as one of the greatest tricks in magic history.

Hello everybody, I am working on Paul Curry's Out Of This World trick these days, because for me it was old and very good stuff left behind.
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Want a members discount? Become a Conjuring Arts Member. Out of This World has been hailed the card trick of the 20th century. Your email address will not be published. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Description Reviews 0 Description Out of This World has been hailed the card trick of the 20th century.

Do you remember how badly it fooled you? Know now that you can own a book full of such magic by the only man who could imagine it. This book has been out of print for several years and has been receiving ridiculously high bids on eBay. It's a favorite amongst the Vanishing Inc. Now you can arouse the same sense of astonishment in others, when you perform the other-worldly magic of Paul Curry. Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too.

Out of This World is a card trick created by magician Paul Curry in Many performers have devised their own variations of this trick. It is often billed as "the trick that fooled Winston Churchill " due to a story describing how it was performed for him during World War II. The method behind the trick is simple and essentially self-working, and can be enhanced by the presentation of the performer and the use of other principles of magic. The deck in use is either stacked or partially stacked prior to performance, or manipulated in the course of performance to form a partial or full stack, in which there is a separation between the red and black cards, with a run of each colour comprising either half the deck or a substantial portion of the stack near the top. In the first round of dealing face-down cards, all of the cards dealt will be of one colour.


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    Out of This World is a card trick created by magician Paul Curry in Many performers have devised their own variations of this trick. It is often billed as "the.

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    Paul Curry invented this effect when he was just 25 years old. It is one of the most well known and probably most often performed card effects.

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