History channel hunting hitler series

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history channel hunting hitler series

Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Nazi Germany by Jerome R. Corsi

In 2009, three US professors with access to Adolf Hitler’s alleged remains startled the world with scientific DNA proof that the skull and bones that Russia had claimed since the end of World War II were Hitler’s actually belonged to a middle-aged woman whose identity remains unknown. This announcement has rekindled interest in the claim made by Joseph Stalin, maintained to the end of his life, that Hitler got away. The truth is that no one saw Hitler and Eva Braun die in the bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945. No photographs were taken to document claims Hitler and Evan Braun committed suicide. Hitler’s body was never recovered. No definitive physical evidence exists proving Hitler died in the bunker in Berlin.

Dr. Jerome Corsi explores the historical possibility that Hitler escaped Nazi Germany at the end of World War II. FBI and CIA records maintained at the National Archives indicate that the US government took seriously reports at the end of World War II that Hitler had escaped to Argentina. More recent evidence suggests Hitler may have fled to Indonesia, where he married and worked at a hospital in Sumbawa. Even the chief of the US trial counsel at Nuremburg, Thomas J. Dodd, was quoted as saying, �No one for sure can say Adolf Hitler is dead.”

Putting massive amounts of evidence and research under a critical eye, Dr. Corsi shows that perhaps modern history’s most tantalizing question has yet to be definitively answered: Did Hitler escaped Nazi Germany at the end of World War II to plot revenge and to plan the rise of the Fourth Reich?
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Hunting Hitler: Tour of El Gran Teatre Del Liceu (Season 2, Episode 4) - History


Sign in. Kennedy and Williams seek the true identity of Juan Keller in Osorno, Chile, and later meet his adopted daughter. Simpson and Wood visit a cemetery in Asuncion, Paraguay. Kennedy and Simpson are sent Tim and Gerrard discover a mysterious militarized Nazi compound deep in the jungle of Paraguay.

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In Season 1, we proved that Hitler could have escaped. In Season 2, we uncovered the highly sophisticated escape plan. In Season 3, Bob Baer and his team will approach the hunt in a whole new way. This new approach will feature Bob tracking Hitler as if he were a high-value terrorist like Osama Bin Laden. The new approach will include a new expert joining him in the revamped situation room to help reconstruct the web of criminal and terrorist organizations to track down their target.

The original idea of the show was to investigate the claims to learn why they were made and whether surviving Nazis —particularly any of Hitler's right-hand men—escaped in a manner consistent with the loosely reported sightings made to the U. The second season expanded the sources for research to declassified documentation from the CIA , MI6 , and Argentinian, Russian and German authorities. A third season follows an asset mapping strategy in an attempt to zero in on an escape route. The show has been criticized by Variety for "capitalizing on the American public's fascination with Hitler to produce a show based on a theory , while providing no evidence to substantiate the theory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. History Today. Retrieved 28 January

An FBI cold case that has laid dormant for 70 years leads a group of world renown investigators on the ultimate manhunt to finally answer the question: Did Adolf Hitler survive World War II? Season 1 contains 8 episodes. Season 2 contains 9 episodes. Inside The Investigation. Bob and John have followed hundreds of international declassified files all the way from Berlin to Chile, where they now investigate a secretive German community with reported Nazi ties. Inside the compound they find clues pointing to the potential forming of a Fourth Reich.


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