Yall thought i was finished

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yall thought i was finished

Quote by John Green, Looking for Alaska: “Alaska finished her cigarette and flicked it in...”

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Published 19.12.2018

Meek Mill - Dreams and Nightmares


RSS Feed. Home Yours Truly Fire by: J. Where the Magic Happens. Y'all thought I was finished? You just tried it didn't you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Log in. Hold up wait a minute. Yall thought I was finished?!?! Dec 1, Whats good coli we got another one I appreciate the brehs hitting my inbox This is a team effort. In many cases the message isn't mine Im just the messenger.

When I bought the Rolls Royce they thought it was leased. Then I bought that new Hold up, wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished? When I bought that. Hold up — hold up, wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished? I popped twenty bottles, that was just a scrimmage.

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  1. Delmar C. says:

    When I bought the Rolls Royce they thought it was leased. Then I Hold up, wait a minute (Minute), y'all thought I was finished? (Whoa).

  2. Marveille M. says:

    Irish tales of mystery and magic love you too bits meaning

  3. Donald S. says:

    The Eagles were in control before the Eagles received the opening kick off on Sunday, and it felt that way from the second they were introduced.

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