Why do we have patriotism

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why do we have patriotism

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Published 20.12.2018

Patriotism in Sports? Here's Why

Recent developments in our politics have inspired a re-evaluation of patriotism and a fresh consideration of its worth.

'Helping your country do better': what patriotism means in 2016

Patriotism , feeling of attachment and commitment to a country, nation, or political community. Greek and especially Roman antiquity provide the roots for a political patriotism that conceives of loyalty to the patria as loyalty to a political conception of the republic. This classical Roman meaning of patria reemerges in the context of the Italian city republics of the 15th century. While this love of the city is typically intermixed with pride in its military strength and cultural superiority, it is the political institutions and way of life of the city that form the distinctive focal point of this kind of patriotic attachment. While Rousseau advocated the love of the nation and the celebration of national culture , he believed that national culture is valuable primarily because it helps foster loyalty to the political fatherland. A more explicit link between nationalism and patriotism can be found in the work of German philosopher Johann Gottfried von Herder.

Cosmopolitanism is a creed that gives primary allegiance to the community of human beings as such, without regard to distinctions of birth, belief, or political boundaries. There are different forms of particularism reflecting the varying objects of primary allegiance—communities of co-religionists the Muslim ummah , ethnicity, and shared citizenship, among others. Patriotism denotes a special attachment to a particular political community, although not necessary to its existing form of government.
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We asked you for your thoughts on the matter — whether you identify as a patriot, what it means, and how your beliefs translate into actions in your everyday life. Patriotism means supporting and being responsible for your family, your community and all levels of government with your willingness to work, to volunteer, to pay your share of taxes and pay with your life if need be., Along with love, patriotism is the feeling of pride, devotion, and attachment to a homeland, as well as a feeling of attachment to other patriotic citizens.

Patriotism or national pride is the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment. This attachment can be a combination of many different feelings relating to one's own homeland, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects. It encompasses a set of concepts closely related to nationalism. Some manifestations of patriotism emphasise the "land" element in love for one's native land and use the symbolism of agriculture and the soil [4] [5] — compare Blut und Boden. An excess of patriotism in the defense of a nation is called chauvinism ; another related term is jingoism. The general notion of civic virtue and group dedication has been attested in culture globally throughout the historical period. For the Enlightenment thinkers of 18th-century Europe, loyalty to the state was chiefly considered in contrast to loyalty to the Church.

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    Patriotism or national pride is the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a "By 'patriotism' I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one In the European Union, thinkers such as Jürgen Habermas have advocated a "Euro-patriotism", but patriotism in Europe is usually directed at.

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