Short poems about betrayal of friendship

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short poems about betrayal of friendship

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Betrayed Friend Poems by Teens

B etrayal of a friend's feelings, whether intentional or not, can rip friendship apart, and leave both feeling empty. I hurt someone I care about very much, and the pain was too great for her to bear. Her friendship is like a shooting star flaring briefly across the heavens, a moment in time that I will treasure forever. Maybe, with time, the garden where our friendship grew will blossom again. Do I respect her wishes and never talk to her again, or do I try to make things right?

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Trust is the most important component of any relationship. If you do not trust a person, you probably do not consider them your friend. The building blocks of friendship are based on sharing the deepest parts of yourself and believing that they will be held sacred.

Perhaps the most famous words in English literature speak of a betrayal of a friend. Julius Caesar is saying that if even his close friend Brutus is stabbing him, then he has no hope. Our friends are the ones that we expect will stand by us through thick and thin. When are going through hard times, we ask that they be "like a bridge over troubled waters". If we cannot count on our friends to pull us through, then who can we count on?


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    Betrayal of Friendship Poems. Friendship Poems about Betrayal. When a friend betrays your trust it is like the friend has stabbed you in the back. Poems about.

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    Poems about betrayal of trust and loyalty by former Friends. Browse our large collection of poetry by teens about lies, backstabbing and betrayal by best friends .

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    Betrayed-Friend Poems, Poems about Betrayed-Friends,How To Write A Poem About Betrayed-Friends, Best-Friend Poetry.

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