Where was justin trudeau born

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where was justin trudeau born

Justin Trudeau: The Natural Heir by Huguette Young

A National Bestseller • The Hill Times: Best Books of 2016

This unauthorized biography provides a rare look at the real Justin Trudeau, retracing his steps from his early days to the height of power.

Having grown up in the shadow of his famous father, a political giant who dominated Canadian politics for almost sixteen years, Justin Trudeau took many detours before discovering that he was a natural politician, with qualities, such as a charismatic ease with the public, that his father never possessed.

Yet to most Canadians, Trudeau remains a blank slate. Inexperienced and underestimated, he was able, in his early forties, to catapult the Liberal Party of Canada from third to first place in one giant sweep. It was a historic feat that left a nation amazed and wondering what to expect next.

In this unauthorized biography, journalist Huguette Young, who has conducted numerous interviews with Trudeau’s entourage, gives a look inside his inner circle and shows the path his leadership might take. Meant for supporters and skeptics alike, Young’s is a revealing account of one of Canada’s most compelling and enigmatic figures.
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The Untold Truth Of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Fast Facts

When Trudeau was six years old, his parents divorced, and his mother, Margaret 29 years younger than her husband, daughter of Liberal MP James Sinclair, and target of rumours that she had had romances with rock stars and other celebrities , moved out. As a result, Trudeau and his two younger brothers were raised by a single father who also led his country for 15 years —79; — He then worked as a snowboard instructor while earning a degree in education from the University of British Columbia B. Thereafter he taught high-school French and elementary-school math in Vancouver. After returning to Quebec in , Trudeau began and then abandoned engineering studies at the University of Montreal.

He is the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada. He is also the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He was elected leader on April 14, Trudeau is the eldest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He is the second child in Canadian history to be born while one of his parents was prime minister; the first was John A. Macdonald 's youngest daughter Margaret Mary Macdonald.

Common Ground memoir. He has a bachelor of arts degree in literature and a bachelor of education degree.
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He also serves as Minister of Youth. His experiences as a teacher, father, leader, and advocate for youth have shaped his dedication to Canadians — and his commitment to make Canada a place where everyone has the opportunities they need to thrive.

The younger Trudeau came to politics relatively late in life, and has often been criticized for spending much of his his early adulthood as something of a dilettante, working as a high school teacher and philanthropist but showing little interest in national affairs. He was elected as a Liberal member of parliament in at age 36, the same year the Conservative government of Stephen Harper b. In Harper won a third term and the Liberals were nearly wiped out, causing insiders to believe the party needed a dramatic new leader to revive its flagging fortunes. In Trudeau was overwhelmingly voted in as party boss, and in the general election he lead the party to the most dramatic comeback in Canadian political history, crushing Harper and boosting the Liberal seat count from 34 to Since his inauguration, he has become a major global celebrity and progressive hero, often described as a rare champion of liberalism at a time when many countries are embracing the politics of the populist right.

Sign in. Justin Trudeau is a Canadian politician. Educated at McGill University and the University of British Columbia, he worked as a teacher before going into politics. He was elected to the Canadian Parliament as a Liberal Party candidate in the federal election, representing the Papineau riding located in Montreal , and was re-elected in In , he was elected the leader of the Liberal Party.


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