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steven fuller yellowstone winter keeper

The Coldest City by Antony Johnston

As Communism collapses and the Berlin Wall crumbles, an undercover MI6 spy is killed while carrying priceless information--a list containing the name of every spy in Berlin.

But no list is found on his body.

MI6 sends veteran operative Lorraine Broughton to recover the list. But she walks into a powder keg of social unrest, counter-espionage, defections gone bad, and secret assassinations...

The Coldest City is a brand new spy thriller from author Antony Johnston and artist Sam Hart that revitalizes classic espionage fiction and revels in the paranoia and mistrust boiling over at the epicenter of the Cold War.
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How I Stayed Warm at Yellowstone National Park in Winter

Forty years ago, Steven Fuller wrote a story for National Geographic on the In the early years winter in Yellowstone fulfilled this vision very.
Antony Johnston

Braving 42 winters in Yellowstone

But other visitor facilities are shuttered from mid-October to late April. His seasonal home is a cabin near Lake Yellowstone, where among other structures, he clears snow from Lake Hotel. And yes, his work there elicits quips about the horror movie The Shining. Snow in Yellowstone is dry and fluffy. So you wait until it sets up and you can cut it. Tools of the trade include a crosscut saw to cut the ice blocks, and a flat coal shovel to push them off the rooftops. In a region where annual snowfall can measure from 10 to 20 feet, those ice blocks can be six or seven feet tall in areas where the snow has drifted, he says.

Historical Yellowstone.
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How many jobs can you do completely alone, with no other human in sight? This is Steven Fuller. And he has just that kind of job. Day to day, he tends the grounds mindfully with his team. So much snow. In bittersweet celebration of his retirement, he sent us some of his favorite photographs a handful out of hundreds of thousands in his portfolio , giving us a rare peek at the creatures and critters that lurk about the hinterlands when no one else is around.

No one has lived continuously in Yellowstone longer than he has. My winter life here has always been, all these years, benign, nurturing, and unthreatening. The big, dark, cold, empty draped lodge is just a cave, filled with nothing scary, its quiet and emptiness a relief after the crowded commotion it harbors in summertime. Once, a pine marten, who liked to occupy the lodge in the winter, screamed at me as I walked down a pitch-dark basement corridor. The scream did cause all the hairs on the back of my neck to go erect-but a moment later, when I knew the scream was that of a pine marten, the hairs laid down. You were the only applicant for this job back in Do you remember what you were thinking at the time you decided to apply for the job?

On 1 October, , Steven Fuller, his wife Angela and their infant daughter settled into their new house in Yellowstone National Park , just as the first flurries of the season were beginning to fall. Snow would soon dust the entire valley: the trees, the canyon walls and the spaces between the plumes of steam that rose from the hot springs, fumaroles and geysers. By the middle of November, the first blizzard would happen, covering the roads so thoroughly that the Fuller family would be all but locked within the park until spring — at least 16 miles away from their nearest neighbours. Fuller would then start the job that had brought them there. Today, Fuller oversees the maintenance staff at Canyon Village year-round. Armed with a shovel and a seven-foot saw, he would cut through and push off as much as eight feet of snow that had accumulated into blocks, each one weighing several lbs. It was solitary, onerous labour.


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