Let me worry about blank

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let me worry about blank

Worry Quotes (753 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

Don't you worry about blank, let me worry about blank.

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let me worry about blank

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Hermes : [from behind curtain] Planet Express stockholders, I present our chief executive officer, Professor Hubert Farnsworth. Farnsworth : Oh! Farnsworth : Oh, God, I'm dead! Well, no matter. I don't recognise any of you, nor can I recall why I am here. Now, without further ado, a film highlighting Planet Express Inc. Narrator : [voice-over; in movie] Planet Express is on the move.

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Philip J. After being frozen in the year , Fry wakes up one thousand years in the future, where he has to build a new life for himself. Unfortunately, Fry was never all that intelligent, and his twentieth-century slacker ways find him adapting to the future in ways that most people would not choose, such as finding new ways to be lazy. You have to hand it to Fry. He may not have been the smartest member of the Planet Express team and if anything, he might have actually been the dumbest , but every once in a while, his childlike mind would hit upon something very true. In the episode "Godfellas," Fry never stops looking for Bender, despite the fact that everyone tells him there will never be any conceivable way to find him.


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    You re a badass book review poem about being strong after a death

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    What are the different names of the devil what is an imaginative story

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    Quotes That Guy: Okay, let's work on your execu-speak: I'm worried about "blank" . Fry: Don't you worry about "blank". Let me worry about "blank". That Guy.

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    Let Me Worry About Blank | Corporation | zKillboard

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