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tv shows similar to friday night lights

Books similar to A Friday Night Lights Companion: Love, Loss, and Football in Dillon, Texas

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Still Missing 'Friday Night Lights?' These 5 Upcoming TV Shows Should Do the Trick

Teen dramas are the best dramas when it comes to TV. The high schools look nothing like real life. The clothes are iconic. And let's not even get started on the boys who are often played by really nice-looking men in their 20s or 30s, but who's checking? Here are the 20 greatest TV teen dramas of all time This show gave a sexy and refreshing look at the fabulous and dramatic lives of the rich kids of the Upper East Side, led by Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf plus some leftovers sprinkled in Brooklyn — SorryNotSorry, Dan Humphrey.

Each Wednesday, Margaret Lyons will answer your questions about what to watch, when to watch it, whom to watch it with, and how to feel about the whole thing. To submit your own questions, you can email staytuned nymag. I loved Friday Night Lights. Tammi and Coach Taylor taught me about loving relationships, Tim Riggins made me swoon, and while each show had dramatic tension, it never felt like a soap opera. What other shows can I watch that would give me similar viewing pleasure? Sorry, Joy.

These 5 Upcoming TV Shows Should Do the Trick While the plot is nothing like Friday Night Lights, its production is; About a Boy is written.
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They say heartbreak eases over time, but for fans of Friday Night Lights , the pain over the series' untimely end is still just as real nearly three years after the show went off the air. Despite retrospectives, reunions , and all the binge-watching Netflix can offer, very little has helped lessen the pain of losing one of the best TV dramas ever made. At first, this seemed like a good thing; why would we want to forget the show that broke our hearts, made us care about football, and featured the best marriage ever on TV? After a couple years of nostalgia, though, constantly going "gee, if only this was half as good as FNL" began to get tiring. A few times, there was reason to think that we'd found a suitable replacement for the show — the Tami Taylor-starring Nashville , Landry's season on Breaking Bad , Zach Gilford's short-lived Off the Map — but in three years, nothing television has produced has truly helped take away the pain. Finally, though, it seems like our FNL nostalgia might finally come to an end.

By Dustin Rowles Lists April 24, Men of a Certain Age — Men of a Certain Age — which starred Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, and Andre Braugher — was a mature, languidly paced program more about themes and character than about plot, a rich examination of middle-aged malaise, a realistic and intimate portrait of three men dealing with life in their late 40s. It was a show that rarely hit the big notes or wallowed in the lows — it levitated, floating through thematic complications with comfortable ease, gradually piling on the smaller conflicts, crescendoing to satisfying but never overcooked conclusions. Men of a Certain Age was warm and compelling, a show that embraced middle age as much as it feared it. The series — about two divorced fortysomethings Sela Ward and Billy Campbell with children — navigated all the hiccups that re-entering the dating world with kids might entail for both the adults and the children. It was a quiet and rueful drama that managed so successfully, like Friday Night Lights , to merge both exuberance and achiness, and though it was very suburban, and white, and idealistic, Once and Again nailed so much of the uncertainty that attends both divorce and new love. Southland — Through five seasons, few shows captured simple human drama the way that Southland did.


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