Great interior design challenge 2018

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great interior design challenge 2018

the great interior design challenge by Katherine Sorrell

In the BBC Two television series, The Great Interior Design Challenge, 24 amateurs with a passion and flair for interior design competed against one another to prove their design ability. Now its your turn.
Whether you live in a Victorian terrace, an Art Deco house, a mid century apartment, a country cottage or a modern conversion, The Great Interior Design Challenge contains everything you need to know how to transform your home.
- Packed with interior design tips from experts Sophie Robinson and Daniel Hopwood.
- Practical information on how to decorate your home.
- A fascinating history of the nations houses.
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Published 21.12.2018

Your Home In Their Hands Season 1 Episode 2 Full Episode

The good news is the fourth series of The Great Interior design challenge has been commissioned and filming is underway. It feels really empowering to making the bold decision to clear my diary for the entire summer.
Katherine Sorrell

Breaking News! I won’t be returning to The Great Interior Design Challenge.

Sign in. The star of " The Boys " has a great Watchlist that she can't stop re-watching. Watch now. Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show property owners how to turn their short-term rentals into moneymaking showstoppers. Horticulturalist Monty Don works with amateur gardeners to help them create the garden of their dreams.

Sixteen contestants, forty nine rooms, one winner! The Great Interior Design Challenge is one of the most binge-worthy interior design shows I have come across recently. To spice things up, the contestants are also thrown in a surprise upcycle in each round to test their creativity. Each round ends with the elimination of one contestant, while the remaining lucky ones qualify to the next round, where expectations are higher and tensions soar. Set in England, this show promises to keep you glued, rooting for your favourites, as they hop from one location to another!

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The show follows a simple format. First, the host Tom Dyckhoff shows you a beautiful house with a very specific style of architecture, like Victorian, Art Deco or Medieval. Then you get to meet four inexperienced designers who plan on redecorating one room each inside the house. Halfway through, each designer is tasked with the challenge of incorporating a surprise item, like a vintage tennis racket, into the redesign of the room. Over the course of the next two episodes, two more contestants are voted off, and a semi-finalist is sent to a series of final challenges against three other semi-finalists. So far, four seasons of the show have aired on BBC Two between and , but only season one is available to watch on Netflix now.

By Marshall Falkner June 4, Views. There are a couple dozen shows relating to home renovation and design. The BBC has a different approach to this cookie cutter formula. Over a 12 episode season, the show goes through three groups of four, judging their design prowess with several different styles and rooms, culminating in a finale where two contestants go head to head — a design duel, if you will. There are currently three seasons of four on Netflix, but you can catch newer episodes if you can find a way to watch it on BBC Two where it airs. During one of the series, designers are given a specific styled house with only a room to design with different details given by the homeowner. More often than not, we both nod our heads to the beautiful rooms created by designers.


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