Bless me ultima antonios brothers

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bless me ultima antonios brothers

Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya

Antonio Marez is six years old when Ultima enters his life. She is a curandera, one who heals with herbs and magic. We cannot let her live her last days in loneliness, says Antonios mother. It is not the way of our people, agrees his father. And so Ultima comes to live with Antonios family in New Mexico. Soon Tony will journey to the threshold of manhood. Always, Ultima watches over him. She graces him with the courage to face childhood bigotry, diabolical possession, the moral collapse of his brother, and too many violent deaths. Under her wise guidance, Tony will probe the family ties that bind him, and he will find in himself the magical secrets of the pagan past—a mythic legacy equally as palpable as the Catholicism of Latin America in which he has been schooled. At each turn in his life there is Ultima who will nurture the birth of his soul.
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That fall, Antonio begins school. When Ultima blesses him, he again feels a whirlwind sweeping around him. Reflecting on this similarity, Antonio wonders if the powers of good and evil are the same. However, the class first laughs at him because he cannot speak English and because he eats green chili in tortillas for lunch. Feeling like an outcast, Antonio begins eating lunch with other children whose language and customs are different. The war ends, and Antonio dreams of three giants, his brothers. Antonio wakes just in time to greet his brothers upon their return.

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Cinco–Nueve (5–9)

Six-year-old Antonio is a precocious boy who is intrigued by the events in his life and torn by several dilemmas that he faces during this period of his life. He is caught between the opposing destinies envisioned for him by his parents, and he struggles to find his own path. In the process, he serves as an "apprentice" to Ultima, adapts to going to school, makes his first holy communion, and witnesses several fatal events. She has been a midwife to many women in the area and is sought for assistance by those who believe they have been cursed. She mentors Antonio during her final years. She is a devoutly religious woman with a strong conviction that Antonio should become a priest.


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