Best mac compatible mp3 player

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best mac compatible mp3 player

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Published 21.12.2018

10 Best Bluetooth MP3 Players 2018

When we think of the smartphones and MP3 players that are compatible with iTunes, the iPhone and iPod are probably the only things that come to mind.

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I was appalled to read that Apple is abandoning iPods. I have a seventh-generation iPod that has just packed it in, but I hesitate to spend money on repairs if it is about to go obsolete. Meanwhile, I am happily using my model, which lacks a radio but is fine otherwise. Would an MP3 player from another maker still tie up with iTunes and Audible? Could I get one with a radio, preferably DAB? Apple is abandoning its traditional iPods because most people with smartphones now use them for everything. Worse, smartphones need regular app updates and sometimes annual operating system upgrades.

Internet Entertainment. DIY Linux. Mac Entertainment. But there are valid reasons to dislike iTunes. The rise of Spotify and other music streaming services have made iTunes less useful, not to mention that iTunes software is slow and bloated.

Connecting to the Mac

While iPod may be the king of the MP3 player world, that doesn't mean it's your only option. When you're looking for an MP3 player to use with your Mac, the underlying technology is key. You can either look for products branded specifically for the Mac, or universal MP3 players, which use MSC connections to transfer data. Apple offers a list of compatible MP3 players for iTunes, but that list has not been updated since You can find many budget MP3 players at your local retailer, most of which are compatible with any system, but they're often small and lack in features. What features you're looking for depends on your personal preference.


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