20 froggies went to school

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20 froggies went to school

Seven Froggies Went To School by Kate Duke

Duke was born in New York City on August 1, 1956. She had said that reading was a favorite pastime all through childhood, and in an interview for Something About the Author noted that Louise Fitzhugh’s Harriet the Spy was a fictional character she modeled, right down to keeping tabs on the people in her neighborhood. “I think I owe Harriet my first conscious awareness of the act of writing as important and meaningful work,” she said.

She attended Duke University in the mid 1970s and also took art classes in New York City, which helped solidify her growing ambition to create picture books. Her first book, The Guinea Pig ABC (Dutton) was published in 1983 and received warm accolades for its humor and inventiveness. She followed up her debut with Guinea Pigs Far and Near (Dutton, 1984) and several other titles starring the popular critters. Duke went on to craft more than 20 picture books, writing and illustrating her own work, as well as providing illustrations for other authors including Joanna Cole and William Hooks. Duke married cartoonist Sidney Harris in 1985.
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Five Little Froggies Sat On A Shore - Kids Rhymes in English

Frogs at School

Dale Rose. Any help would be appreciated. I am still looking for Banjo Sam From Alabam , too! What I remember is: Twenty froggies went to school, Down beside a rushy pool. Twenty little coats of green, twenty vests so white and clean. From there on I draw a blank until the last verse, to wit: Now they sit on other logs, Teaching othere baby frogs.

Twenty Froggies Children's Song Twenty froggies went to school, Down beside the rushy pool; Twenty little coats of green, Twenty vests all white and clean. When we froggies go to school. From his seat upon the log, Told them how to say "ker-chog! Twenty froggies grow up fast. Big frogs they became at last; Not one dunce among the lot, Not one lesson they forgot. Polished in high degree, As each froggie ought to be, Now they sit on other logs, Teaching other little frogs.

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