Bob ewell to kill a mockingbird

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bob ewell to kill a mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird - Was Bob Ewell murdered or was it his own fault in a accidental death? Showing 1-34 of 34

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To Kill a Mockingbird (10/10) Movie CLIP - Scout Meets Boo Radley (1962) HD

To Kill a Mockingbird

Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Robert E. Lee "Bob" Ewell is the main antagonist of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and its film adaptation. He is a vile, racist and cruel man who is shown in the film to have an extreme hatred and disrespect for black people.

Bob Ewell is the current head of a family that has been "the disgrace of Maycomb for three generations" 3. Sounds like quite an honor. Considered human trash by the Maycomb community, the Ewells live in a shotgun shack out by the dump. Ewell has no ambition to improve his life, or the lives of his eight motherless children; instead, he spends his welfare checks on whiskey and lets the local landowners turn a blind eye to his poaching activities out of pity for his hungry children. On the one hand, Bob is an object of pity. He was doomed from the moment he was born a Ewell.

The chief support of the accusers in this story. For generations, he was considered a disgrace to the city. As head of the family, he could not provide a decent living for his loved ones. Occupying an outcast position, he and his relatives live in a decrepit barn, resembling a landfill, not a cozy house. Ewell has no ambitions, so he spends most of his time in bars, drinking up the last pennies.

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by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird (4/10) Movie CLIP - Atticus Cross-Examines Mayella (1962) HD

Physical Appearance: White, appears older than he is, unclean, not well kept, left handed, little red rooster and bantam cock. Personality : Racist, aggressive, rude, confident, stubborn, self-centered, and abusive towards others even his children. Bob Ewell, like some of contemporaries, has strong racist tendencies. He is the main antagonist in the second part of the book. Bob Ewell was killed in the climax of the novel. Atticus thinks it is his own son Jem that did it while the sheriff, Heck Tate, argues that he accidentally fell on the knife. In reality, his death was caused by Arthur "Boo" Radley who was preventing him from murdering Scout.

Harper Lee 's To Kill a Mockingbird was published in Instantly successful, widely read in high schools and middle schools in the United States, it has become a classic of modern American literature winning the Pulitzer Prize. Atticus Finch is the middle-aged father of Jem and Scout Finch. He is a lawyer and was once known as "One-shot Finch" and "the deadest shot in Maycomb County. He appears to support racial equality and was appointed to represent Tom Robinson, a black man who has been accused of raping a young white woman, Mayella Ewell. The town disapproves of him defending Tom especially when he makes clear his intent to defend Tom Robinson to the best of his abilities. He was also an honest person, he tried to help everyone he could.

Scout is looking at Bob Ewell during the trial. This scene is one of many places in the novel where the narrator makes it clear that Bob does not have any social standing or value in the Maycomb community, yet the inherent racism of the town privileges Bob over his black neighbors, even though many of them are better people than Bob. Even though Tom Robinson is objectively a better person than Bob Ewell, Bob can destroy Tom because of the inequities of race. Scout describes the position that the Ewells hold in the Maycomb community. Her description makes clear that the Ewells are not a powerful family who are playing with the lives of those less fortunate.


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