I just can t do anything right

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i just can t do anything right

I Cant Do Anything by Thierry Robberecht

Chameleon sticks his tongue out. I cant!

Monkey makes funny faces. I have to smile nicely for the picture!

I cant do anything!

What can you do when you arent allowed to burp, spit, or roll in the mud? I Cant Do Anything! is a story about manners, family rules, and what you can do when you feel like acting like a monkey!

A Note to Parents by Tammy L. Hughes, PhD, discusses setting family rules and talking with your child about manners and socially acceptable behavior.
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Published 22.12.2018

P.O.D. Anything right (with lyrics)

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Do you feel like any of these words apply to you lately at home, in the work-place, or in your relationships? Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? Television tells you that you are only one tube of toothpaste away from happiness, one can of diet soda away from your weight goal, and one phone call away from love and security. Sin does that. But God makes us winners. He directs you from your feelings of self-doubt to the cross of self-less victory.

Recently I've been looking around wondering how things became the way they are. Your teenage years are supposed to be some of the most fun times of your life before you really have to grow up. So why is it so hard? Chances are if you're like me, you're looking at your life wondering why everything has to be a challenge. It seems like life is constantly an obstacle course for even the smallest things and nothing is going the way you'd like it to.

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meditation for the rest of us


My husband is angry with me all the time. -






  1. Bradley P. says:

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  2. Saverio C. says:

    Feel like I can't do anything right.

  3. Sixto L. says:

    Everyone needs a little support from time to time to take the next step.

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