Slow cooker recipes no browning

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slow cooker recipes no browning

No-Prep Slow Cooker: Easy, Few-Ingredient Meals Without the Browning, Sauteing or Pre-Baking by Chrissy Taylor

What could you do with 5 ingredients or less? Could you create an incredibly delicious, easy, no prep meal for your whole family? Chrissy Taylor will show you how.

This special and unique collection of 100 slow cooker recipes features traditionally-based recipes with a twist, taken up a notch thanks to surprising flavor additions and using different spices. Chrissy’s recipes require no browning, no prep and no special ingredients. Mouthwatering favorites include Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken, Enchilada Quinoa and Homemade Bread. Also included are Vegetarian, Fish & Seafood, Breakfast and Sauce options.

Give your oven a break and impress your family with No-Prep Slow Cooker. This book features 100 delicious recipes and 60 mouth-watering photos.

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Browning Ground Beef in your Slow Cooker

These recipes are perfect for busy parents, because you can make them before work and then come home and have dinner already prepared. Not your average slow cooker dump recipes!
Chrissy Taylor

45+ delicious slow cooker recipes

Slow cookers are a lifesaver when you need to get dinner on the table fast. While the name may be a little off-putting, these 24 dump recipes only require two steps: throw everything in the slow cooker and walk away. Recipe: Peach Cobbler. After just two hours in the slow cooker, this bubbly, crispy, golden perfection will wow dinner guests for nights to come. You had us at black-eyed peas and greens. Recipe: White Chicken Chili. Recipe: Berry Cobbler.

Easy Dump and go recipes are my favorite way to make a quick slow cooker recipe and be out the door in a hurry. Dump and Go Slow Cooker Recipes to get you out the door quicker in the morning! These easy recipes require no browning of the meat, so no extra dirty pot in the morning! Drain the water off in the morning. I think you will find a few recipes that will become favorites.

The nifty gadgets help us create amazingly delicious meals with zero fuss, minimal prep and no need to hang over the hob for hours. And there seems to be a misconception that all you can make are stews and casseroles , when in fact the humble slow cooker is a much more versatile piece of kitchen equipment. Did you know, a slow cooker is the perfect gadget to cook a piece of meat in? Take our slow cooker ham , we use coca-cola to make this sweet and salty joint of meat, while our slow cooker beef joint is an absolute winner, and saves space in the oven. Midweek meals can also be a doddle, from our gorgeous slow cooker chicken breast piccata to our delightfully simple slow cooker chicken fajitas. In fact, family classics can all be whipped up in your crock pot from spaghetti Bolognese , to macaroni cheese , and even chicken curry. This also means batch cooking is made much simpler, and you can have a steaming pot of food ready when you get home from work.

Should I brown the meat before adding to the slow cooker?

They are just so incredibly versatile! This post has been updated since the original 19 from September — giving you tons more easy crock pot dinners! I really got into the habit of using mine all the time after we had kids. Kids have a habit of soaking up every minute of the free time you had before, right?!? But you just get used to not having 2 hours to make dinner every night. I remember when I first really got into experimenting in the kitchen, when my husband and I were dating and I was attending University.



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