Little known facts about robert e lee

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little known facts about robert e lee

Who Was Robert E. Lee? by Bonnie Bader

Robert E. Lee seemed destined for greatness. His father was a Revolutionary War hero and at West Point he graduated second in his class! In 1861, when the Southern states seceded from the Union, Lee was offered the opportunity to command the Union forces. However, even though he was against the war, his loyalty to his home state of Virginia wouldn’t let him fight for the North. Despite the South’s ultimate defeat, General Robert E. Lee remains one of the United States’ true military heroes.
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Robert E. Lee: Quotes, Interesting Facts, Military Tactics, Career, History (1998)

13 Fascinating Facts About Robert E Lee

He is revered by his supporters for his devotion to duty and his brilliant tactical success against a stronger opposition. Here are 10 interesting facts about him. He graduated without any demerits. In the early part of his career, Lee served as a military engineer with his duties varying from budgeting to building designs for buildings. He was known for his attention to detail.

Robert E. In February he was given command of all the Southern armies. On both sides, Robert E. His father, Col. Despite his aristocratic connections, Lee lacked the advantages of wealth as a boy.

Toggle navigation. Lee Facts. Robert E. When Robert was only two his father went to debtor's prison and afterwards left for the West Indies, never returning. Lee joined the military to gain a free education and was 18 when he graduated near the top of his class in

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He is known for his tactical success, his brilliance and devotion to duty. His supporters revered him because he was a strong leader and had a sharp mind, which he utilized to the best of his capability. The following are 13 fascinating Robert E Lee facts. Image Credit: roadtorevolution. From to he served as the 9th Governor in Virginia.

The names Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee are connected through their Civil War bond and the historic surrender, years ago today, at Appomattox Court House. But how much did Lee and Grant have in common? Both were noted military commanders and graduates of West Point. Beyond that here is a look at two legendary figures and their different paths to that day in that started the end of the Civil War.

Robert E. And yet, Robert E. Lee facts and stories reveal that he is still highly regarded by people, not only in points North and South, but across the world. Just who was this man? What was Robert E. Lee's life like before the Civil War?


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