What is fairy tail zero about

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what is fairy tail zero about

フェアリーテイル ゼロ [Fearī Teiru Zero] [Fairy Tail Zero] by Hiro Mashima

خیلی زیاد دلچسب و لذتبخش!
جملات ماندگار مانگا:
اگر ما همیشه اینجا بمونیم... نمی‌تونیم چیزی رو ببینیم! باید به خودمون جرأت بدیم تا بریم دنیا رو ببینیم!
موقعی که دری به روی تو باز می‌شه، طبیعیه که کمی احساس اضطراب کنی... ولی وقتی که دوستات راهت هستن، هیجانش بیشتر می‌شه!
تنها کاری که می‌تونی بکنی اینه که کنارم باشی. دوست صمیمی برای همینه.
خیلی مهمه که کسی جایی برای برگشتن داشته باشه...
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Season Wrap up: Fairy Tail Zero Arc!

Red Lizard

The series is a prequel to Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, depicting the events leading to the formation of the titular wizards' guild. The eighth season of the Fairy Tail anime television series included an adaptation of Fairy Tail Zero , which aired in from January 9 to March A violent skirmish breaks out between Red Lizard and the rival Blue Skull guild, leaving Mavis the apparent sole survivor alongside Zera, the daughter of Red Lizard's master, who becomes her friend. Seven years later, the island is visited by a trio of treasure hunters — Yuri Dreyar, the future father of Makarov Dreyar ; Precht Gaebolg , the future leader of the dark guild Grimoire Heart ; and future Wizard Saint Warrod Sequen — who come to the island in search of its sacred relic, the Sirius Orb. As Yuri contends with a teenage Mavis over ownership of the orb, they discover it has already been taken by Blue Skull. Mavis forms a truce with the treasure hunters to recover the orb, proposing that Zera accompany them as well.

The first ten episodes are an adaptation of the spin-off manga series Fairy Tail Zero by Hiro Mashima. Fairy Tail Zero is a prequel which focuses on the adventures of the guild's first master, Mavis Vermillion. The last two episodes adapt material from the last two chapters of the 49th volume of the original manga, and deal with Lucy Heartfilia reuniting with Natsu Dragneel and Happy at the Grand Magic Games. Season 8 is the second and final season of the anime series. Funimation simulcasted the series with a broadcast dub in North America. Three pieces of theme music were used for this season: one opening and two ending themes.


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A guild located on Sirius Island in X, where Mavis worked as a servant to work off her late parents' debts, until it was destroyed in a turf war with a rival guild, Blue Skull. Zeeself is the master of Red Lizard and Zera's father, who was killed the night Red Lizard was destroyed. A guild that ruled Magnolia prior to the establishment of Fairy Tail in the year X They were the predecessors of Phantom Lord. The guild master of Blue Skull. He is also the founder of the Phantom Lord guild, and the ancestor of its last known master, Jose Porla. Community Showcase More.


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    Fairy Tail Zero is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. The series is a prequel to Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, depicting the events.

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