Kim jong un quotes about america

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kim jong un quotes about america

Selected Poems by Friedrich Hölderlin

Κάτι άλλο είναι ασφαλώς αυτό, το διαφορετικό είναι καλό. Καθένας χωριστά κι έχει ο καθένας το δικό του.

Και γίνεται ο ουρανός σαν σπίτι ενός ζωγράφου όταν εκτίθενται οι πίνακες του.

Μόλις τώρα καταλαβαίνω τον άνθρωπο, τώρα που ζω μακριά του και μες στη μοναξιά.

Η καθαρότητα επί πλέον είναι ωραιότητα επίσης.
Οι διαφορές γεννούν πνεύμα καθαρό.
Όσο αθώες είναι πάλι οι εικόνες τόσο εικόνες είναι ιερές, που πράγματι συχνά φοβάσαι να τις περιγράψεις.
Οι ουράνιοι όμως, που είναι πάντοτε αγαθοί, κυρίως γι αυτό, διαθέτουν σαν τους πλούσιους αυτήν την τέρψη και αρετή.
Οφείλουμε οι άνθρωποι να τους μιμούμαστε σ αυτό.
Κι αν έχει μόνο βάσανα η ζωή, ο άνθρωπος μπορεί τα μάτια να υψώσει, και να πει: έτσι θέλω να μαι κι εγώ;
Ναι. Όσο η ευγένεια, η αγνή, κρατάει ακόμη στην καρδιά, δεν θα ναι αστόχαστο να συγκριθεί ο άνθρωπος με τον Θεό.
Άγνωστος είναι ο Θεός; Αποκαλύπτεται σαν ουρανός;
Αυτό μάλλον πιστεύω εγώ. Το μέτρο του ανθρώπου είναι αυτός.
Γεμάτος έγνοιες, κι όμως κατοικεί
ποιητικά ο άνθρωπος σ αυτή τη γη.

Θεωρώ την ποίηση ως την πιο όμορφη έκφραση ψυχής και ιδεών.
Όπως πάντα παραθέτω τα αγαπημένα μου σημεία. Σκέψεις σε ρομαντικό ύφος που αξίζει να διαβαστούν.
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Kim Jong-il scenes from Team America

Trump accepted.
Friedrich Hölderlin

Kim Jong-un Quotes

Please refresh the page and retry. Mr Trump and Mr Kim have said they want to work toward denuclearising the Korean peninsula, holding an unprecedented meeting earlier this year in Singapore to discuss the idea. Before they turned the page on decades of public acrimony, the leaders regularly traded threats and insults as North Korea pushed to develop a nuclear missile capable of hitting the United States. And we would go back and forth," Mr Trump told a rally in West Virginia. No, really - he wrote me beautiful letters, and they're great letters," he said. H is supporters laughed and applauded. Mr Trump grumbled that commentators would cast him as "unpresidential" for describing Mr Kim in such glowing terms.

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Nothing is impossible for a man with a strong will. The possible is in store only for a man who loves the future. There is no word "impossible" in the Korean language.
4 guys and a hammer

On North Korea's missile range, a topic that Trump and Kim will likely discuss on Tuesday:

The entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons, and a nuclear button is always on my desk. This is reality, not a threat. The days are gone forever when our enemies could blackmail us with nuclear bombs. Why would I strike America and invite a retaliatory counterstrike that would put an end to my regime? Keep in mind, the whole point of this - my entire strategy, all our efforts and the hardships we have borne - is to ensure that my regime and I survive. Why would I risk that?

Between testing ballistic missiles and eating extravagant amounts of cheese , North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has made plenty of pretty outrageous statements about the United States and life in the Hermit Kingdom. His taunts and tit-for-tat exchanges with President Donald Trump in particular have at times shifted the needle from crazy to dangerous, with the two leaders engaging in a heated back-and-forth over the possibility of nuclear war. But the two leaders will be meeting for a historic diplomatic summit in Singapore this week after changing their language from threatening war to possible peace. Here are nine of the most bewildering things Kim Jong Un has said since he assumed power after his father passed away in Source: The Guardian.


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    Enjoy the best Kim Jong-un Quotes at BrainyQuote. an ignominious defeat on the United States that had been boasting of being the 'strongest' in the world.

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