Questions about sex in islam

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questions about sex in islam

Sexual Ethics and Islam: Feminist Reflections on Quran, Hadith, and Jurisprudence by Kecia Ali

Whether exploring the thorny issues of wives’ sexual duties, divorce, homosexuality, or sex outside marriage, discussions of sexual ethics and Islam often spark heated conflict rather than reasoned argument. In this ground-breaking, lucid, and carefully constructed work, feminist Muslim scholar Dr Kecia Ali asks how one can determine what makes sex lawful and ethical in the sight of God.

Drawing on both revealed and interpretative Muslim texts, Ali critiques medieval and contemporary commentators alike to produce a balanced and comprehensive study of a subject both sensitive and urgent, making this an invaluable resource for students, scholars, and interested readers.
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Published 11.12.2018

Tariq Ramadan on Islam and Same-sex Marriage

A Muslim Sexologist Answers Some Questions

Welcome to a new series where we ask the question: how do people from different religions have sex? This series is based on the official teachings of the religion, not what individuals might choose to do. As Muslim and Metro. Extramarital sex is a big no-no, but within marriage sex is considered to be positive and important. Emphasis is placed on the importance of foreplay. Muslims are forbidden to act like animals, and sex without foreplay is considered to be acting like an animal, therefore foreplay is extremely important.

Here are some of those questions, which have been left unedited, and A Please refer to my article “Sex, Viagra and Islam” available on line at.
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Questions about sex are many. Many people may become confused when facing a problem concerning their sexual relation with their wives. What follows is a set of rules, in the form of questions and answers if applied you will have a happy marital life. Many husbands are selfish. They want only to satisfy themselves. They do not bother about satisfying their wives.

Published on December 27th, by Dr. Shahid Athar. Twenty years ago when my children were growing up, living in American society, I realized the need for appropriate Islamic sex education for Muslim youth and parents. I wrote an article on this topic. Although conservative Muslims consider sex a taboo subject and avoid talking about it, young Muslim men and women frequently ask me questions regarding sex and marriage via email. Here are some of those questions, which have been left unedited, and my responses these should be taken as my personal opinion and not a fatwa as I am not a mufti but a physician; readers may or may not agree with my opinion — and Allah SWT knows best.

Oral sex putting the sexual organ into the mouth, kissing it, etc. There is no clear decree about it but it is necessary to avoid intercourses like that because sexual organs are places of dirt. A Muslim has to avoid harams definitely; similarly, a Muslim needs to avoid doubtful things that can be haram. So, whoever saves himself from these suspicious things saves his religion and his honor. And whoever indulges in these suspicious things is like a shepherd who grazes his animals near the Hima private pasture of someone else and at any moment he is liable to get in it. Every king has a Hima and the Hima of Allah on the earth is His illegal forbidden things.


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