Quotes about loving a stranger

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quotes about loving a stranger

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Published 11.12.2018

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Sometimes it's better to be strangers than to become someone's transient recourse. Calling it friendship will be hasty let us unburden ourselves from the thoughtless repartee, Calling it formality will be a shameful belittling Of the bond that lately seems to be forging, Let us be the familiar strangers, Whose paths may never cross Whose stories may never unravel But the dreams shall always be in harmony.. Let us not label what we have, Let us keep it nameless. We met as strangers, We left as strangers. In between we loved as if we were made for only each other. I wish, I could tell you what I feel If only, it wasn't just a deal. You were for me, I was for you, But now it's all just pale and blue.

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I love it when strangers smile at me and I smile back, and we have that nice stranger smiling moment. The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. Smile today, tomorrow could be worse. Luckiness top moment: To get run over by an ambulance. Ultimate lazy moment: Watching the sunrise on TV because you're too lazy to get up and watch it for real.


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    The Stranger is a famous nove l by Albert Camus , who wrote about existential themes.

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