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facts about bring me the horizon

Bring Me the Horizon - Heavy Sounds from the Steel City by Ben Welch

Whether onstage or off, Oli Sykes is not one to bite his tongue. As the frontman of Bring Me the Horizon, one of the most polarising bands to emerge from the UK rock scene, he is the commander-in-chief of a band as uncompromising as it is unpredictable, and has led his comrades in a daring assault on the mainstream.

But the band has been the source of much controversy to match its acclaim. In just over a decade they have endured drug addiction, brushes with the law, press hostility and even onstage assaults. But nothing has slowed their ascent from underground notoriety to the upper reaches of superstardom.

Behind the noise, there is a restless creative energy which has seen Bring Me the Horizon take huge strides from album to album. This book tells their story for the first time, including their first steps into the hardcore scene of Sheffield, emerging from and then outgrowing the so-called deathcore movement and the creation of their defining records. This is how Bring Me the Horizon took on the world and came out on top.

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10 Crazy Facts About Bring Me The Horizon

O li Sykes, at 26 years old, is so slender his shoulders seem to collapse in on his chest. His legs are like drinking straws, his arms so tattooed I can't see where his T-shirt ends and his skin begins. As stage time approaches he is sitting in a tent on a farm in the suburbs of Johannesburg, writing a comic book series on his MacBook.
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Bring Me the Horizon Play ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’

It's ' Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? This episode starts off with Sykes talking about his recurring night terrors and sleep paralysis. It gets more frightening than that, with the frontman suffering from what's called "Old Hag Syndrome," which is terrifying to say the least. We go on to correct some fiction by asking the boys about tricking promoters to get themselves booked on tours. It didn't turn out to be quite so drastic, but a funny story is still tucked in there. We also corrected some information on original guitarist Curtis Ward's departure from the band in The touchy subject of former guitarist Jona Weinhofen is also brushed upon during the clip.

The days and weeks are flying in until this year's Belsonic kicks off on June 10 and we can hardly wait. To ensure you know everything about all the big name acts playing at this year's festival, we will bring you a quick guide to each headline act as we countdown to June So just who are Bring Me The Horizon? Here's a few handy points you need to know ahead of Belsonic Lead singer Oliver Skyes even has his very own clothing line which is very popular amongst their loyal fanbase. What's On. By Sheena McStravick.

Named after a lyric in the album's opening song "Pray for Plagues", Count Your Blessings is representative of the band's early deathcore sound, which was phased out on later releases and eventually abandoned in favour of other, less aggressive styles. The band members were young when they recorded the album, and both the band and its fans have largely disregarded it later in their career as inferior to their later material; it began as early as , when guitarist Lee Malia was already criticising the album's quality. Most of the songs on the record quickly faded from the band's live setlists. Most band members recorded their parts individually, rather than the group doing so as a whole, with the central location of the studio blamed for distracting the young musicians. The album received some negative reviews, with the main complaints revolving around musical originality, although it still reached number 93 of the UK Albums Chart. Frontman Oliver Sykes described the recording process as "an intense experience" due to the group's desire to make the best debut album they could, with biographer Ben Welch claiming that they "were starting to feel the pressure of all of the hype that was building around them" at the time.

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